I Escaped The Mental Hack and Hijack!

I mentioned some turmoil in Australia I was dealing with so I guess now is the perfect time to get into it.

Let me first say, that a person who thought they could hurt me and get way with it was in for couple of surprises. The first is, they got caught. The second is predictable, since they got caught breaking the rules to be a friend in my life as well as many others, they have turned psychotic mad against me, and besides their illnesses not managed very well, their paranoia is at an all time high and ideas I never conjured up are spewing from their lips as they are so mad they got caught, and the best news of giving them back the play by play on my life hasn’t even begun.

I am glad we are located so far apart so I don’t worry about the safety of myself, along with my loved ones.

I have slowly but surely been pulling away from this person after I got indications in November things were as I suspected; were not on the up and up. I am not one for confrontation or scenes, and this person made every day into a scene and they were completely miserable in the process. I am waiting on my friends in NYC who are white collar hackers, to get in touch with me with the final details.

It is a sad tale of what I considered a true friendship gone down the drain and especially during the holidays. I am completely wrapped up in my family and real friends and my biggest priority, Bella, my daughter. I haven’t heard a word since this person saw I had blocked them in every way imaginable when in fact we were very close. I thought it just wasn’t with the pure intentions I prayed for and needed.

With my engagement to Stephanie coming this weekend and lots to do to get ready, I really don’t have the time or energy to do into sordid details about another guy who posed as a girl and completely fell on their face when I confronted them about my issues of them cyber-stalking me and searching all over the entire internet for me in some of the weirdest places. I hire white collar hackers in NYC to watch my name and searches and all my public sites as well as private sites as well. I told my then friend about them as a fair warning because so many people have no lives and try as they may, they try to live vicariously through others like me. Being a former trader and current blogger and contributor in other places, I need to be watched for any  cyber-stalking or yet even worse. This person living in the wild West of Australia took to hiding their IP address and running searches on me as they thought the people in NYC would be thrown off by that-I felt really bad for this person as life is not easy they say, but they make no attempts to work, regardless of the pay. They have a nine year old son who is at school for like 6 hours a day, and my friend claims he needs to be there for their child after school. I was a stay at home parent and the costs of doing so were high but we wanted to home school our child at least through third grade.

My attention to this matter is still in my head awaiting more detailed details from my friends in NYC. In the mean time I haven’t mentioned it to Stephanie, as she would be very upset and probably would not so nicely reach out to this fraud, who I truly believe was after my cash on what they believed were naïve shoulders of mine. I saw and lived through the set-up of his story and started to ask questions about their situation and again why they weren’t working. It was one convoluted story after the other and the bottom line is they had no legitimate reason for not working and dealing with their very high amount of debt, while continuing to shop at the jeweler’s and take out a line of credit because they haven’t gotten to the place where the house is put into foreclosure and the car is not paid for yet as well. Why do people feel they don’t have to pay back debt and not work because unlike every other parent they won’t or can’t work because of their nine year old child who is on his own a lot of the time and as I just found out they do not share meals properly at a fixed table for the meals they eat at home. I have no idea what this person is doing and what is the truth, however, I do know now they are aware I will find out what they have been doing: searching on me, and why? My take is it is the bigger money issue.  He just told me how much he needs a month to live comfortably. Once I got that figure out of him, and knowing that was his ultimate destination with me was, the news of activity against me from Western Australia was a dead give away to cut ties and let dead dogs lie. What I once saw as a true and real friendship, I began to see it for what it was, a great big set-up on his part to create a sad enough story when we had gotten supposedly so close that I wouldn’t be able to not help them out. He underestimated a lot about me and the company doing internet work for me in NYC, and it boils down to a couple of things: mental illness that is not treated and plain lack of intelligence on their part. Thankfully he wasn’t smarter and I was able to figure things out more clearly.

I am done with any sort of friendship like situation on Facebook. I have my friends on-line, and my group Rainbow Nation, both of which are very important to me. He was the last person I am investing in besides my on-line friends already that I know don’t know me well enough to ask for money or tell me such sad stories I can’t say no to them.

I am just waiting on NYC to put together the personal information and then I will handle it with the authorities. I don’t mess around with my privacy especially if you posed as a dear friend to me.

I wanted to get this open and share my near collision with a set-up by a con man I mistakenly fall for so harmlessly in the beginning. I knew better and was always prepared that if money was asked for, I was high-tailing it out of there. Didn’t quite get there but I think his plan was bigger than I realized and I am so grateful to God as I was sending a big package for him and his son for the holidays. I am glad NYC got in touch with me on Sunday to inform me of strange activity. After the great news about my tumor, I am so looking forward to the holidays and now I have no worries about being hijacked or hacked. My mind was hijacked and hacked but my personal assets were left secure as they always are and will remain that way thanks to my friends in NYC.

This is to show all my readers that friends don’t ask friends for money ever. Friendship is not to be abused like a bank and you should never be in the position of having to appropriately say no to something so inappropriate. I always write to share. This was not a fun post to write but I hope it helps some people who might find themselves in similar situations. Now to blog about Stephanie and I!