Sunday Morning Musings

Yesterday I woke up after 45 minutes of sleep. It wasn’t looking very good with the Mania Madness.

Today I took the same pills and slept till after 7 am. What a relief and what a gift!

I  needed to sleep and sleep in like I did to make up for all the missed sleep this week.

Yesterday was a great family day. I took Bella over to Planet Fitness and we were only supposed to do a half hour workout but it went way over an hour and Bella did great! She ended the over an hour workout with getting in this capsule and relaxing for 12 minutes. She said it felt like heaven.

Then Bella came over to my place and Stephanie and I watched Braindead over from where Bella left off. It really is a stupid show and this was the first season. I don’t think it is getting a second season. I am not sure who else in America is watching it besides us.

Bella did the cutest thing that she might not ever do again. She took her pillow and propped up against my legs. She put her head almost in my lap, and I just played with her hair and rubbed her shoulders and her back. Julia Bleu wanted in on the loving and got on my other knee and laid down and I petted her too while I played with my not so little daughter’s hair and back. It was the best moment honestly, and I am still glad Bella seeks out my affection!

My ex wife came and picked us all up a little after 5:30pm and we met my parents out for dinner. It was a good time and my parents were very pleased with going out with us. We have missed them the last couple of weekends for dinner and I think they were really happy to see Bella.

Bella rode back with them to my ex wife’s house and we were going to meet them there. On the way home with my ex wife her car started to have fuel injector problems and we barely made it to her house. My parents gave Stephanie and I a ride to our house and I am still waiting to hear from my ex wife about today. She needs to go get a rental car first and foremost.

Stephanie and I came home and we not tired. We watched some Braindead and then got ready for bed. We went to bed with the idea of just talking. We talked for a good hour and then Stephanie, naughty girl, initiated U-ME time again! We both fell asleep afterwards.

This morning when I awoke at seven am I desperately wanted a coffee. Stephanie was half awake so it was no big deal to ask her to go get me a coffee. We drove to the sore and I shuffled in with my walker. I made the coffee and hurriedly got back out to the car.

We got home and because my schedule was all off I didn’t feel like blogging. I wanted to sit and talk to Stephanie. My Mania Madness is calmer this morning because I am still hung over by the sleeping pills. We talked about having the entire day in front of us and my surgery, which is Tuesday. Stephanie will take Tuesday and Wednesday off and then I should be fine. This is minor surgery compared to what I am going to go through and I just want it out of the way.

I am hoping to go back to the gym today with Bella and get ready for the week. Stephanie has worked to do today so we need to make time for that. I am really due to post the anorexia post so I just need to wrap it up.

I am feeling the Madness return and on some levels it brings me solace. It is such an epic feeling and what I can do with it is nothing short of amazing when I can focus.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and I know I am still #AMPED from the previous day!