Lazy Summer Daze

Today was another scorcher of a day with additional humidity making for a hard day to be outside for more than a few minutes.

My daughter Bella and I spent the day together, just the two of us.  Usually there is always someone else around which isn’t a bad thing but time alone with her is priceless.

We watched her favorite TV series SVU and then headed out for Thai food for lunch. We shared a Thai iced tea and then had Pad Thai as well.

From there we walked to the health store to be insanely priced blemish medication for imaginary blemishes my daughter thinks she has all over her face.  We then came home.

Next was time to do a clay mask before she took a shower and used all my product. The mask was interesting as well we got it everywhere including her face!

After the clay had dried I had set up the bathroom for her and she went in and I gave her instructions on how and what to do in exactly the correct order to maximize her time in the shower.

Afterwards the disaster of the bathroom was insane and quite funny. How a young girl could get water all over this huge bathroom and need like three towels and lots of clean up behind her is honestly really funny. I had to laugh she seemed a bit bewildered!

After the shower clean up it was time to DO her face post shower. This included the blemish medication and various facial spritzer and a water-based gel to moisturize but not cause breakouts on her beautiful perfect skin.

The funniest part of the day was balancing attention to Bella with my little black pug, Julia Bleu. They love each other but they both want me all to themselves. They work it out and Julia Bleu is a holy handful when Bella is here. Otherwise she is such a great pug but not when there is competition for me!

I have loved every minute of today. We are pondering walking outside to go get ice cream or eating ice cream here at home. I am so happy to have our first of what will be many beauty days together.

Nothing makes me happier than being Bella’s parent. It is the single best thing I have ever done and continue to do at every opportunity I get to be with her.

I will look forward to Stephanie coming home tonight and all of us starting the weekend together.

Time is going by so fast-seems like yesterday like Bella was born. Today she is on the cusp of being a young woman. I hope time slows just a little to enjoy as much of her as possible.