Maniacal Musings August 17th, 2016

I am making excellent use out of the maniac’s hours today. I posted my next post in my anorexia series and I copied some of my blogs to another site dedicated to the anorexia story.

U-Me (Stephanie and I) has been amazing. What a lovely weekend we had even with the temperatures and I got to see and have Bella until Saturday night.

Stephanie and I are having our Teenage Dream summer for sure and hopefully we will continue onto something even better once September gets here and our engagement gets closer.

I am struggling with my anorexia, my fractured leg, and working for the campaign. Yesterday’s news that Clinton’s FBI interview was being sent to Congress for questionable perjury pretty much set me back and deflated me.

It is getting harder to keep turning the other cheek when this issue is in our faces with a new spin all the time. I wonder how the American feel. She is running a stellar campaign but is she going to fall short because of her own wrong doings? It won’t have anything to do with the Don. Clinton is her worst nightmare and she is living through the perfect storm with Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks and the GOP House.

Stephanie and I have been talking a lot about moving in together. I have only lived with my ex wife romantically and that was once we were engaged. Stephanie and I will do the same thing and although she is here every night it will be much different when it is our place. There is a coziness and a romantic side to living together with the person you are madly in love with. Mine will not exist very much except in electronics and clothes. Mine will be replaced with our’s and I have to brace myself for the touches Stephanie wants to add to this place.

We will only be here a year before I can move out of Bella’s school district and we will build or buy on the ocean. Stephanie is currently got her condo on the market with quite a bit of interest.  This weekend we went on Sunday night to the restaurant and beach when we started talking about crossing the platonic channel. It was on that beach that I held her hand for the very first time-something I had wanted to do for so long. There is this thing I have about holding hands that can make me feel really close to a person. Of course it was over the top with Stephanie.

We haven’t watched a lot of the Olympics and haven’t been to the movies so I am trying to figure out what we have been doing. Yes, definitely THAT!! Without a doubt. We have had Bella a lot which makes things interesting as she only knows we are friends and can’t know until we are engaged that we are together. It is part of my divorce decree. So when Bella is here Stephanie and I play friends and don’t even sleep together!

We are heading out tonight for our two month anniversary officially. I am not working and Stephanie is getting out early. We are having dinner in town and renting a suite in a waterfront hotel. Yes we even get to bring Julia Bleu, the little black pug of mine.

I am at such a crossroads about this campaign and what I should do this fall. Do I stick with it or do I head back to school and work as much as I can? I really don’t want to see this go south and my gut isn’t even in sync with what is going on with Clinton.

If more and more emails keep getting released like Assange has planned this is really going to suck. Some way Hillary has to address this so heads on that it is put to bed without a doubt. I am not sure given the possible reality that she can do that for the American people. If she can’t then I am going to walk and go back to school and work on the campaign as I can.

We need her to speak directly and definitively about email-gate and erase emphatically all doubt in people’s minds about her and her email situation. I am a nobody and even I know this is what needs to happen. It needs to happen for me as well to continue my work for her.

I have spent so much time speaking to Stephanie about this issue. It has been around for two years, and never has there been closure. Now this could be the GOP just trying to cause problems but when the members of the House formally asked for copies of Clinton’s FBI interview they had written specific questions and answers made by Clinton.

At first the FBI did nothing with the request of the interview that is deemed highly top secret. Then once they got the specific questions from the members of the House they thought of what needed to be redacted. In the end the entire interview of Clinton and the FBI went to the members of the House yesterday.

Are we seriously waiting for another shoe to drop? I am not.

Clinton needs to take back all control over this issue so her staffers know what the hell is happening. People like myself have given up a part of their lives to see her become the next President, not get charged with some criminal suit, that ruins her forever from being President.

I can tell you until word came about the interview being sent to the House for possible perjury, I was sure I was working for the next president of the United States.