Far From Home

There are many times in our lives when we find ourselves far from home.

Be it emotionally, physically, or both we find ourselves in a vacuum of spaciousness far from who we are, or are meant to be.

Usually a transition of sorts is necessary to escape the fraught terrain we find ourselves walking and living in.

It is usually time of great inner discomfort mixed with sadness for who we aren’t being or for who we long to be.

Society plays a huge role in our finding our way home to live out through self-actualization our layers of hiding and misguiding that we once used to protect ourselves from our families, our friends, and even co-workers or mere strangers.

We get to a point where we can not tolerate our own mistruths and is beyond tolerable and  the road  ahead of us, or perhaps stones we stand upon are inescapable and we must face the mirror. The mirror is to our souls; the unique and inexplicable part of each of us that truly individuates us from one another and makes us human.

I am sure many people do not know where I am going with this and I did it on purpose. I am talking about being a person in this world, but moreover being a transgender person in this world.

I wanted to show the parallel people share in reaching their truth and eventually their authenticity whether they are transgender or not. I am writing for the transgender community so here is where I as an ally to the community glean the journey of an individual that is nothing like anyone else’s journey through the vacant, hollow and many times extremely isolating period.

Being a person, trans or not leads us to peaks and troughs as individuals wandering somewhat aimlessly through this life. Transition is the pivotal point where the transgender person decides or can not resist the urge and necessity to be who they truly are. Remember, this is also true for non-transgender people and I am trying to tie this together to illustrate we maybe very different but we share similar yet very distinct transitions in our lives.

I have only experienced transition on a metaphysical basis, unlike the transgender person who must subject their entirety to transition from one person or gender to their true gender which they unfortunately unlike cis-gendered people were not born into.

I have talked for many hours to many transgender friends who try to explain being held in shackles in the wrong gender that is not them. Painfully living for sometimes decades with the shackles imposed by the wrong gender and having to gather up not just courage, resources, and allies, but have to deal with the usual and customary epic losses of friends, family, children, and jobs just to name a few.

Those of us that are cis-gender do not experience anything as earth quaking as that by any means.

We transition through self-actualization and hopefully authenticity to arrive via very different paths at a similar place.

It is the similarity for which I write about today. If you are unfamiliar with transgender people or are transgender and don’t really know cis-gender people as friends, family, and allies, you must take a closer look and realize hell yes we are different, but dam we share a lot in common as well.

At the end of the day we are all trying to find our way home. Home to our TRUTH and living the actuality of that TRUTH.

I want as an ally to bridge the vast gap I see that remains between transgender and cis-gender people. I would never be so irresponsible to compare the transitions, as transgender people are far more in shackled by their wrong gender and all the mental and physical  pain and dysphoria associated with aligning their person’s with the right gender.

I don’t mean to dismiss anything that we all face through our lives as human beings here on this earth. I am just speaking gently and trying to build a bridge between the transgender people, the cis-gender people and all the people who fill the gaps in between.

We are in scary times in our political sphere, and equality eludes most of us to some degree. None are as discriminated upon as the transgender community.

I ask if you are cis-gender and don’t think you know anyone that is transgender, or you don’t “get-it” read this again. It isn’t that difficult and it should never be us against them or vice-versus. We are all human beings before we are anything else. Please in your hearts and minds today and everyday going forward do not lose sight of that.