Trump Missing Precious Opportunities

Hillary Clinton runs a pretty flawless campaign so chances to capitalize on her gaffes are few and far between.

This past week Clinton had not one but two gaffes that Trump should have attacked her for, instead he continued with his own self-inflicted gaffes making the week all about him.

Yesterday the Don rolled out a plan to stop ISIS that was so far from true in his telling of the history of events people stopped fact checking.

Meanwhile just as the Don was getting ready to give the speech Clinton ran internet ads disavowing the Don’s Foreign Policy. It was perfectly played out politics for Clinton.

Last week the Don completely missed Clinton’s gaffe with the newly released emails somewhat seemingly tying her as Secretary of State to the Clinton Foundation. Clinton had promised to leave all aspects of the Clinton Foundation if she were to become Secretary of State. Now these emails are not smoking white hot coals but they were certainly worthy of a Don tirade on Clinton and what he has deemed her illegal dealings.

Second was the issue at a rally in Florida with Clinton where the Orlando shooter’s father, a Muslim with extreme thoughts was seen at Clinton’s rally I believe seating behind her if I am not mistaken. This was the perfect gaffe for the Don to tie Clinton as he has said to Muslim extremists. Clinton for her part said she knew nothing of the shooter’s father being at the rally, and that they are open to the public and she disagrees with him and his extremism. A perfect opportunity missed well between the second amendment comment and declaring the president the founder of ISIS the Don was too busy with his own problems to focus on Hillary.

The Don made one mention of Clinton’s emails and left it at that. He did say the media was being lenient on her and should have made a bigger deal out of the stories.

The GOP after yesterday’s dismal outlaying of the Don’s terrorism plan, is  growing exceedingly weary of their candidate. Yesterday once again he didn’t focus on what he would do, he focused on what he believed Obama and Clinton did in the Middle East and got nearly all the history wrong. He said one thing to add to his gaffe collection and that is the United States should have kept the oil from Iraq. He suggested stripping the country of its natural resources and thus what making the former Iraq an American State? Really Don? The whole issue with Bush was he invaded Iraq for its oil. There is no way we as a country on the world view could have ever stripped Iraq of its oil.

On another note, following the unsavory friendship between the Don and Putin, Russia’s leader, it has been discussed that Trump’s daughter Ivanka is on vacation with Putin’s supposed girlfriend. That is just great. Not bad enough that Trump and Putin have gotten too close, Russia hacked the DNC files and Trump called for Russia to find Hillary’s missing emails, and now their families are supposedly vacationing together?

I don’t know why but I get the feeling Trump doesn’t really want to be president and is scared to death of the upcoming presidential debates with Clinton. I too would be scared to face Clinton in a formal debate situation. I think it is a death trap for Trump and he will spend his entire time putting down Clinton and not focusing on his campaign. Does the Don really have ideas and thoughts on the issues? His issue appears to be anyone who is in his way or speaks out of turn about him. That is where we is losing the GOP support. He can’t stay on his own message and clearly doesn’t have too many to share.

I almost feel bad for the Trump. The primaries were one type of political contest the presidential contest is completely different and he hasn’t changed a bit since the primaries.  His slump is turning into a full downward spiral. Very unfortunate.