My Brain on Fire and My New Found City of Angels

I profess after 40 years just about to not knowing much about angels and really nothing about my angels.

The mere mention of my angels may be way off base, but it is the paradigm I work from within at this time.

My brain being on fire may have been set by the angels which guide and comfort me as I once thought that God did that solely,

I believe the fire that has caused such disruptions in my cognitive circuitry was the work of angels trying to awaken me-and awaken me they did.

The vacant darkness and the sharp light are all their doing. Protecting my soul when a veil of darkness shrouds my soul is something that  tortured me before I realized the angels were keeping it safe.

I awoke today not fearful of the devil, yet feeling sorry for such a damming entity. I can not imagine other than the devil worshippers, being an entity to be loathed and frightened of from the time we are able to talk. We, like God, do not know the undefinable in the devil.

Until these past two weeks  I have been left vacant standing in the mirror unable to see my soul, I was petrified that my soul was taken from me and I was no longer me, but a mere shell of a skeleton.

I didn’t think about God really. I didn’t think deeply at all, which is the point I am trying to make. Our soul is all we are, and when that is threatened by anything fear and fright set in deep within our bones.

I do not know the reason I did not think about God, as I came at this from a completely medical perspective. I was making appointments with the neurologist and thinking my mania was just off the charts. Why did the divine not enter my purview? I must ask have I strayed from God in my years of numbness and non-questioning?

I have stopped attending church which on one hand may have very little to do with God, but on the otherhand it quite possibly has a lot to do with God.  It has always been for me personally a place where no matter who was speaking or what they were saying I was lost in the rapture of my closeness to God in that hour in that non-descript building. I willed on the closeness I felt, it wasn’t the leaders, the readings or anything else, it was my will in a place and time to feel the actual breath of God.

I often ask people if they have ever seen the eyes of God? I mean it metaphorically obviously but I do mean it when I ask it. I have searched my entire life for the eyes of God, and feel as strange as this may be that the angels I never pondered are the very eyes of God I have been yearning to see.

How could I possibly live forty years and not contemplate angels? I see them as figurines everywhere and have always passed right by them without ever a thought.

It is just curious to me that so many questions may lay with the angels on a bed of answers. I wonder what else in the divine realm have I overlooked for forty years?

I will begin my new divine journey with the angels and pray my brain on fire does not extinguish. From there I do not have a clue where it will lead me. But my eyes are open wide shut, and I look forward to this next journey with very fiber and breath of my soul.