Stephanie and I have been cosmic lovers since June, 2016. We have traversed a lot of ground since our first majikal time together.

We are no longer hesitant or unsure and we love one another with a fierceness that is unparalleled. One of the things we do in our daily life with one another is whisper.

We whisper all kinds of things from romantic to bare just everyday things.

Whispering can and is a form of intimacy for us. We have turned just about everything from doing the dishes to changing the bed into something intimate, so whispering should not come as a surprise.

Stephanie and I have made an art out of turning the ordinary into the sacred. It is so nice to share life with someone as beautiful on the outside and inside as Stephanie. She is a doer and I like it obviously although I try to do more now that I have been through therapy and know not one person should be responsible for all the cooking and cleaning. No matter whether they like it or want to do it all you need some equality for healthy reasons.

Stephanie does not understand that and wants to take care of everything. She has never been in a long term relationship before and I am divorced and two years out of therapy.  I know I am an equal to Stephanie and my first wife did everything too and ended up not liking it and it is what she remembers of me….not helping out or doing just what I wanted to do. I don’t and won’t make the same mistake with Stephanie. Her feelings get hurt when I don’t let her do and she does not want me to do for her that way. For instance my daughter was here Friday through yesterday and Friday she took a shower and wrecked one of the bathrooms. Just normal kid stuff, water everywhere and four bath towels later….well I wasn’t going to let Stephanie come home to that and have to take care of Bella although I know how much she cares. Then yesterday I made stuffed shells for Bella and well everyone and Bella helped me stuff the shells. I made a disaster out of the kitchen and didn’t feel like cleaning it up last night. Stephanie went to do it and I said no sweetie I made the mess I promise the kitchen will be spotless by the time you get up in the morning. She got deflated and I had to stick to my guns. I got up blogged and then cleaned the kitchen completely. I only have the stove left to clean. I still have a few more hours and I will probably go wake her up gently in a bit.

Our whisperings happen all the time sometimes because we just want to be close to one another. Other times we don’t want anyone else to hear how much we love one another. I would dare not call them “sweet nothings.” There is nothing inconsequential about our romantic feelings for one another.

Whispering is an art I am learning. I am learning to get softer and with out the moisture involved. Stephanie turned me on to whispering and like everything else it has become a special part of who we are. I wake up and whisper to her in the morning. I whisper to her in the grocery store. It is never about someone else, it is always about just us. Simple, ordinary, sacred and romantic.