Broken Again–U-Me July 15, 2016

Last night after working at the Friendly Kitchen I was home on the porch waiting with Stephanie for Bella to get here.

We were going out to get new volleyball sneakers for her camp that starts today. I was up and down the porch stairs and on a trip up I fell and slipped and dislocated my bad knee cap. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening to me, honestly. I am still healing from the operations I had in April and May, and still have yet to return to road racing.

Stephanie helped me get up and my knee cap was going sideways to the right of my leg. I tried to straighten out my leg and my knee cap popped back into place. Soon my ex-wife arrived with Bella and it was clear looking at my leg that I needed to go to the emergency room. I was so devastated and bummed but tried to put a brave face on for everyone.

My knee and my leg were turning green and purple. I thought perhaps my knee cap was not in the right place, as I could not put any weight on it. I gave Bella a great big kiss and had to let her go with my ex-wife as I needed to get to the emergency room. I was in a ton of pain which is something I don’t usually feel. When we got to the hospital triage they took one look at me and took me right in. Although there was a waiting room filled with people. The nurse checked my vitals and they were not good. My blood pressure was 187/112 because I was in so much pain. They put right into a wheelchair and got me out back into one of the examination rooms.

Stephanie and I were having flashbacks of all of our time spent in the ER together with my anorexia. Too many trips to even think about. The nurse got me ice and started an IV. Soon a young doctor came in to see me. He looked at my leg and thought everything looked alright. The knee cap seemed to be back in it’s place but with all the bruising and pain he wanted to do x-rays right away. His main thought was I had wrecked my knee again. Not very good news at all. They gave me some morphine it barely took the edge off. X-ray came and got me and wheeled me in to a room with imaging equipment.

They took a lot pictures of my knee and of my bones. The technician said I was all set and brought me back to my room. Stephanie was waiting there, she was so happy to see me. We had barely even gotten to say hello, as I fell as soon as she got home. The nurse came back in and asked how was I doing with the pain? I said only slightly better, so she ordered me more morphine. I was at least relaxed somewhat. We were there a long time and before the nurse came back with my additional morphine the doctor came in. He said what I dreaded most, I had broken my femur in two places. He had to page orthopedics so they could look at the x-rays right away. I couldn’t believe I have broken my leg again. It was in a different location but that didn’t seem to make any sort of difference. The nurse came back while he was still there and gave me my morphine in my IV. This one helped to take the edge away. I was half listening to the doctor he said he was waiting for Ortho to call him back. He told me that either way, I would be put into a full leg splint and put on crutches as there would be no weight bearing on that leg. I thanked him for his help and he said he would be back just as soon as he heard from orthopedics.

Stephanie was so sweet. She knew I was beyond bummed with this news. We had the whole weekend together because my daughter Bella was going to volleyball camp. Stephanie started to ask me what I wanted to do this on this weekend we had alone. I thought about it and I thought I wanted to go sleep at the beach. Probably Saturday night; we would bring blankets and a half-tent to keep us a little bit sheltered. Stephanie was bummed as she knew I would be stuck at home today with a bum leg and only work to do. Not that best of times but I was so grateful it was just my leg and not something like my back. I thought  I would have to revisit the idea of running a road race this summer. Stephanie told me she wanted to take me out to my favorite restaurant tonight. It is in Portsmouth and is called Jumping Jay’s Café. They have the best seafood in town prepared in a new American/Pan Asian style. I think they also have the best bar in town. There is something about the drinks there that makes them the best I have ever had. I get my usual Kettle One and sprite with extra lime and it always hits the spot right out of this world. Oh how I wanted a drink while I was waiting for the doctor to come back.

It was going on 10 pm and although the morphine was doing its thing, I was restless to get out of the hospital and just get home and relax. This was not the night I planned. Stephanie asked me about the Friendly Kitchen and I had to tell her I had been a little bored.  Probably the heat and humidity. I needed to work on my community service attitude. Eugene was there and it was good to see him feeling better and not drinking I prayed.

Finally the doctor returned and it was confirmed my femur was fractured in two places. I would get splinted from the top of my leg to my ankle and then get casted on Monday. That was not the news I wanted, but it was expected and the anorexia continued to wreck havoc on my body. We had to wait for the casting department to come and splint my leg. Stephanie held my hand and gave me a surprise U-ME kiss, that made me better all over. The casting people arrived and measured my good leg, and then built the splint for my fractured leg.  They got me all fitted and I was left just waiting for the nurse to bring me my paperwork, including my pain medication script and pain pills to get me through the night until I could get the script filled this morning. Stephanie went to track her down as it was going on 11 pm and we hadn’t ate anything for dinner. I felt bad about missing out on Bella and couldn’t wait to call her today and wish her a great weekend at camp.  Stephanie appeared with the nurse, paperwork, and pills. I signed my discharge paperwork and we gathered up my knapsack and my phone and I crutched my way down the hall quite slowly.

We got home and we were both hungry and tired although I knew I wasn’t going to sleep. Pain medication relaxes me and I sort of doze off but I really don’t sleep. I was hoping Stephanie would want to stay up, I was feeling pretty bummed about my leg and wanted to talk to her about wrapping my mind around it. Stephanie asked me what I wanted from the refrigerator. I said a coconut yogurt. Stephanie got that all ready for me and made herself  a big bowl of potato salad. She brought our food to the study where we put on “Orange is the New Black.” We both really weren’t into it but it was something to help us decompress. Soon after we finished eating we decided to go upstairs and get ready for bed. I went into the bathroom first. I took my leg splint off and got ready and put it on again. Stephanie had already changed into her nightie. She just had to go wash her face and brush her teeth. I tried to get comfortable but it wasn’t really a point. I wasn’t going to be sleeping. Maybe resting but that was it. I put three pillows under my leg and Stephanie snuggled me. I really couldn’t believe this had happened a second time.

I was feeling light headed and closed my eyes and I must of have dozed to sleep because I woke an hour later and Stephanie was reading, she couldn’t sleep. Finally she got tired and snuggled me tight and closed her eyes while she ran her fingers through my hair. I loved how it felt and was very content. She stopped playing with my hair and I knew that met she was sound asleep. I got myself comfortable in her arms and closed my eyes and tried to rest. The night just passed by and I took another pain killer pill.

I laid in Stephanie’s arms all night until she woke up at 6:30 am. Then she just moved closer and gave me the best kiss to start the day. From there were took a trip together through a magical forest, together as two bodies that came together to form one body. It was the best morning I could remember and I forgot about the pain in my leg. Stephanie surprised quite a bit with her aggressive behavior of knowing what exactly what she wanted with me. It made me feel really special and especially close to her on all levels.

She was not going into work until she went and got my prescription filled. The pharmacy opened at 8 am. She was ready to go by 8:15 am and drove right to the pharmacy. It took less than 20 minutes to get my prescription filled. We picked up some drinks, and then stopped at my store where I got my coffee every day. I went in with her and was able to make my coffee. I was so psyched to get it, I didn’t expect it in the least, and hadn’t even crossed my mind. My schedule and routine were so off this morning it wasn’t funny. Stephanie got me home and got me settled at my computer. She gave me a really good kiss, and then surprised me with one more. She left for the day, I would be fine, and my parents would stop by later to check in on me.

I started to blog, but I really needed to work on my Facebook page. I had posted my injury on Facebook and lots of people had responded and commented, sending me lots of well wishes. I wanted to respond to every person that took the time to drop me a note. This proved to be a multi-hour project, but it was important to respond to each person and thank them and update them on my leg.

I have tried to get through to the orthopedic surgeon’s office all day and I haven’t been able to get through. It is going on five pm and I am still in a queue and listed at position number 6. I need to have an appointment for Monday and I need to get another script of pain medication for the rest of the weekend. It is rather quite stressful. I am now in position 3 and Stephanie just texted and she is on her way home. The weekend has started. I am not sure I am up for going out for dinner, as I am quite sore, and haven’t even gotten one post blogged. I did do the photography challenge that I do every Friday afternoon.

I am going to  blog on my anorexia story tonight. I know I am late with the next post and I ask for just a bit of patience. I will have my post with the endocrinologist posted by tonight. I haven’t any idea what we will do this weekend. My mother mentioned when they came over today that they would like to see us tomorrow if possible. I am stuck at position number three with the surgeon and the pain medication has made really itchy. I need to get my prescription changed to something else. I guess I will end here stuck at position 3 and hopefully I get through to a medical assistant in next little bit.