Leaving Walden Part 1

I was in the third seat of the limo my family sent to bring me home,…they knew I would prefer a limo to a Benz or Audi listening to questions and what were all my answers.  I took this moment to totally enjoy myself.  I selected 70s disco music, took my shoes, and all my coats, and hats off, and finally much to the driver’s chagrin I put up the console to block him out, unrolling it one time, to see how to make a long distance phone call. The first song was Soul Sister Soul Sister. I cranked that baby up on the 14 speakers I could find, and oh opened the partition again to ask where the champagne was? The driver told me it was requested, his mistake, but it was still only 9 am.  I said, “I know but my family knows me,” He replied he just needed to get it out of the refrigerator in the back. Two seconds later he had my bottle open, Perrier Jouet, not the best year, but boy was my family hitting a homerun. I asked, “Could you please tell me how long this ride is booked for?’ He replied, 12 hours, was the max!” “My parents had come through knowing I didn’t want to get back to daily life. One last time, I interrupted the driver, “Please stop at this address on the way back.” “Thank you,” I said as I closed the partition, and now Cool and the Gang were kicking it up a notch. I called my bff Carole, told her I had a limo. She said say no more, when you getting here, I said I think in like half an hour. Is there anything for us thirsty girls to drink” I said, “Yes, there was Perrier Jouet, but I didn’t know how many bottles my parents bought, so we might have to take a trip to the liquor store” “Fine by me, just hurry and get here.” “Haven’t been out in a limo in the early morning hours I must admit.” “I know I am coming home from Walden today.” “Well then we really need to celebrate. Calories are calories, we will just tell your parents” “They wont care they will be happy for me.”

I hung up the phone and splayed myself out on the third row of seats. I was catching a way too nice buzz from the champagne, I put it aside, and called the driver. “Do you have an soda stocked in this car/” “Yes, check the minibar behind the fourth seats.” “Thank you.” I hung up and grabbed myself a sprite, I was never going to make it home in this condition. I set back and began over ridden with pensiveness. I thought about going home, and Radical Will, and being left in my house unless my parents had my bff Stephanie staying over, which would be a relief. I thought about what I could eat, and then the thought of my Greek yogurt came right back to me. I had some time to buy, like two weeks tops,  before I saw all of my health practitioners. I would definitely eat enough to not lose weight, but I was nervous of my great plan on paper, I now was committed to carrying out.  The car slowed down, I thought we must be at Carole’s, I rolled down my window to hear her asking how many bottles of champagne there were.  My mother hated Carole she had covered my ass in 11 grade, they didn’t speak, and my mother Marie, would be made as hell that she was paying for Carole to have a good time.

The driver opened up the door, Carole, took one look at me, and started to ball her eyes out. “Carole, it looks worse than it is, my clothes are too big.”…”But you are just skin and bones.” The partition went down and Carole said,  “Go back to the hospital she isn’t coming home.” “Yes sir I am going home!” “Carole, just be what I need today, I am not going to die, you brought your medication kit with you, and  your epi-pens, right?” Righto, Corey, please take some more of the champagne, I am just drinking from the bottle. It is a trick I know from the wealthiest people, keep your lipstick off of the stemware.” “Oh okay I will have to remember that, the next time I wear lipstick.”

“We drove to Boston in the opposite direction, and stop at the Four Seasons. Everyone knows Carole well there, so we got the best of treatment.   I do believe I was underdressed, but looking the part of the wealthy bum.  We went to the raw bar and got real comfortable, we ate and we drank for like a couple of hours. “Carole, I hate to break up this party, but I really am getting tired.” Ok let’s take her home, how long is this covered?” “Till 9 pm,” said the driver with nervousness. “Lets get Corey home, and let her rest, I will take over the tab at 9 pm.” You are sure I feel bad?” “No it is good you want to go home and rest.” We changed the music to Madonna, and song our hearts out, doing as many move as the limo would allow us to do. We were at my place way too quickly. “Now I will pick up this tab at 9, and when you are well we are going out for 24 hours.” I love you Carole” “I love you Corey.” “Don’t call my mother whatever you do Carole!” “Bye!”

I was inside my house with my bags, and Stephanie who will eventually become my girlfriend, comes running down. Takes a look at me, and ask me funny, “Have you been drinking/” I explained to her the limo and Carole, she said we needed to say extra prayers for my mother not to find out. I crawled up the stairs, and went straight for the guest bedroom which was the closest and only one on this floor.  I got undressed, and put sweats on, and Stephanie  crawled right beside me and held me tight. I was fighting off tears, for all that was coming up, I was too tired to think straight. I closed my eyes with Stephanie playing with my hair. I would wake up and feel better I told myself, and to Stephanie also. I didn’t believe me, I have no idea what Stephanie thought, but as I closed my eyes I was so grateful to be home, no more Greek yogurts. Once I got started I knew I could do this. “Please Help Me Dear God.”