Maniacal Musings……Saturday Sept 10, 2016

Friday night was a good night for Stephanie and I. I ate just my yogurt and applesauce and she ordered her favorite steak bomb and we watched the new series Braindead.

This morning when I woke up the scale was done below the point of the beginning of the 7 pound gain. Last night I knew when eating my yogurt the scale would be all straightened out for me.

Last night we talked about today and going to the volleyball jamboree. I initially wanted to go for when it started at 9 am but I opted with Stephanie to go for 10am. We will stay for the whole thing which lasts until 3 pm.

We talked about going away for Columbus Day Weekend and she is not dumb. She realizes we will be getting engaged then. We also discussed her moving in for November 1, 2016 and getting a storage unit today for both of us to move stuff into. We had a really good talk about my anorexia and my  meltdown this past week. She is not worried at all about it setting me back, although I am still keeping up the hard restriction for another 5 pounds.

It is a natural reaction to gaining the seven pounds in three days. Somehow there can be a natural reaction to an unnatural event.

Stephanie has a lot of work to get done this weekend. I know that Bella wants to go surfing on Sunday which leaves me out of the picture since it is at a private remote beach through a ton of sand. I think Sunday will be our quiet day as I will blog and get my things in order for the week. I have unanswered phone calls to follow back up with and one is with my surgical coordinator. I don’t know why I don’t have a date and time set up for such a straightforward procedure.

I mentioned to Stephanie last night moving in for November 1, 2016. She seemed very happy with it or it could have been the vodka tonic she was sipping. She mentioned again that she thinks her condo in Portsmouth sold, so the timing is perfect. She can move stuff in now into the empty bedroom upstairs where Bella won’t notice and once I secure a storage unit today she can start moving things into that as well. She is going to have to store a lot and I am going to store a lot too-more than is necessary. With us both living here and Bella being here part time I don’t want it to feel cramped or cluttered.

My study is already suffering from that and I need to spend half a day working on it to get it straightened out and back to feeling clean. The guestroom where we have been staying since my fall is blitzed and needs the bedding changed and needs to be picked up as well. Tomorrow as Stephanie does her work I have plenty to do to keep myself busy.

Stephanie was awesome this early morning and drove Julia Bleu and I over to get coffee and let me have my morning albeit late with  my coffee and Adderall. She went right back to sleep and I won’t wake her up until 8:30am to go to the volleyball jamboree and then out to eat with everyone including my parents after the jamboree is over around 4:00pm.

It is getting exciting at the thought of getting engaged although I still haven’t made plans and really should figure that out tomorrow as well, so on Monday when Stephanie goes to work I can call and make the reservations. I am a little bit at a loss for getting engaged. My first engagement I had the ring. I didn’t know when I was going to propose, then had the perfect day with my ex-wife and knew if I was ever to get married it was her, so I took out the ring and handed it to her in a box. I remember being overcome with emotion and talking to her as she uncovered the ring I had made for her. It was a gorgeous 5 diamond platinum ring that I had made. It blew her out of the water probably more than getting engaged. She still wears the ring because it is a beautiful piece of jewelry. It seems strange to everyone including Stephanie but Stephanie’s ring is being made and should almost be finished now, and will really knock her socks off.

I am in a hard position with my wife to be and my ex-wife. Stephanie is aware of everything I did for my ex-wife and I know doesn’t expect the very same but I plan on making everything especially myself as a spouse, spectacular. I do not wear my wedding ring although I loved my ring and it was beautiful. I surprised my ex-wife with the engagement ring and then we went ring shopping and got more bling for the wedding bands. Mine was a platinum ring of solid good sized channel set diamonds. Not the little diamonds you usually see in channel set rings. I never took my ring off but once I did I vowed to never wear it again.

Last night was a fun night of exciting conversation and Friday night ease. I know today will be good but we will spend most of the day at the jamboree and then out to dinner with everyone and probably come home and crash or watch some more Braindead as we are almost done with it. Tomorrow Stephanie has a ton of work so I suspect she will get up by eight and I think we set the clocks back an hour this weekend but I am not sure if it is us or the UK. She will set up herself in the study and work until lunch, take a break and we will have dinner.

I will probably work on part of organizing the study and sorting through a mountain of mail where I lost my ATM chip-card and a  200 dollar refund check. I need to get my ATM chip card reordered and do lots of other things like that. I need to update my calendar and get moving on my anorexia post I already have saved as a draft.

I want to write a second part to my psych ward post so I have plenty to keep myself busy with tomorrow while Stephanie does work she never has to do.

Here’s to a great weekend to everyone and enjoy the heat while it is back! The AC is running constantly but it is nice to not worry about switching out to fall/winter clothes just yet.