Maniacal Musings: Do Not Disturb

This morning things were a little #HECTIC as my ex wife texted me twice that she was coming around 10 am to pick me up to go work out my daughter, Bella, at the gym.

Neither Stephanie nor I heard my phone go off so when she called at 10. am and said she was in the driveway I had to switch gears fast.

I got my stuff together. Along with Bella’s workout book, and hobbled out of the house.


Bella had a great workout and was so enthusiastic she wanted to do more. Two days of working out is plenty and we could really see where she is weak today. It is her shoulders which is her fly stroke in swimming and her overhand serve in volleyball. Now we know where the problem is, and we will fix it ASAP.

I was very happy to get the time with Bella as my ex wife asked if she could take her to Massachusetts this afternoon to go see a friend just diagnosed with juvenile diabetes

I of course said yes, so Stephanie and I are on our own until tomorrow afternoon when I get Bella.

If we could hang a giant DO NOT DISTURB sign on our house we would do it. We are finding our time together to be very special and important to us, and with  me having Bella half time and not telling her about Stephanie and I until we get engaged, our time alone together is fairly limited.

We are so happy to be home for the day. We went to the grocery store and bought a few things including a pot roast to cook today to make Mississippi pot roast in the crock pot. It is already cooking away and should be ready by 7 pm.

Stephanie has work to do so I am going to blog and finish putting away what we bought at the store. She hopes to be done around 5 pm and then we have a date to take a bath. She loves it and I am okay with it but really do like it because it makes her so happy.

We are planning a quiet evening tonight and a conversation about her moving in, what she wants to bring from her place, and what of my stuff needs to go into storage. I already have extra furniture all around the house that needs to go into storage as my parents down-sized and I didn’t want to say no to the furniture.

My Mania Madness is okay, a bit off the wall but I just took my third Adderall so hopefully that will help, and I will get hyper-focused with my blogging.

I am really happy beyond the Mania Madness, as I am excited to spend quiet time with Stephanie and with my surgery this Tuesday, she will be home for a couple of days.

I feel although life is really up in the air with school and stuff and my injuries and surgeries I am right where I am supposed to be as I turn forty in  couple of weeks.

Life is really starting to come together and those closet to me are all doing well too. It blows my mind Bella is so growing up and Stephanie and I have seriously talked about having another baby. I don’t know if it will happen, but I am more okay with it and more confident that we can parent Bella and a new baby.

I am definitely AMPED up and ready for a rumble. Anywhere would be fine I just have so much excess energy. I can’t wait until I can work out with Bella and show her how strong I am. She has a new found respect for me with meeting people who talked to her in the area about me being such a great athlete. I don’t want it to put pressure on her, our last name is truly golden in this town and surrounding towns for my athletic and academic performances.

She won class president of her class and is running against one other girl for student body president of the school. Bella has been on student council for 3 years as president of her class, so she thinks she has a really good shot since this girl has never been on student council before.

I am glad Bella is making her own name for herself. I refused to let her play basketball for a few reasons. One she would always be in my shadow, second I would be a terrible parent if my kid played basketball; I am too competitive, and third I blew my knee out my junior year in college and didn’t want her to get injured like that. I didn’t think volleyball would ever come into play so Bella beat me to the punch when she knew I was so good I started on the high school varsity in 8th grade and made first team all-state. I of course know all the coaches from her middle school right up through Varsity on the high school team. They were all okay players, nothing great, but they can coach. I spoke as a friend and as Bella’s parent at a recent jamboree and told the coach to go hard on Bella. I try to stay quiet, tell her encouraging stuff, and my main goal is that she is having fun.

So far, it has worked and my way of dealing with the weakest part of her game, her overhand serve is to get her into the gym for strength training. I asked her if she would want to do it, we are not making her do anything, and she said yes. My ex wife who is psycho sports parent is psyched that I am willing to put the time in at the gym with Bella. We both know this is what she needs to be kick ass and my ex wife is fine sitting in the car for over an hour while we work out.

Stephanie thinks my Mania Madness is worse today, and unfortunately I have taken my daily dosage of Adderall for the day. I am already off-label so I don’t really want to increase it anymore.

I will do sit-ups and my entire ab workout this afternoon and do supermans to try to expel some of my energy.

I will blog like crazy and take Julia Bleu out into the yard. I will get through this without a stay in the hospital. Last year was rocky no hospital but probably should have been. I just saw my doctor on last Tuesday and she said I was stable but going through a spell and that’s when I got the sleeping pills.

I am so #AMPED I am going to go workout my abs and my total body with supermans. I hope you are all having a great Sunday!