U-ME August 6th and 7th, 2016

This weekend has been a very memorable weekend with Stephanie and our forever and day relationship.

We spent yesterday morning at that the beach with my daughter Bella and her friend Grace. I took pictures for the photography challenge on WordPress that started Friday afternoon. The prompt was “morning” so I we went to the  beach in the early morning and I was writing  away in my journal when a baby seagull can right up to me. It wasn’t afraid it was just curious. I took his picture and entered that into the photography challenge went I got home.

Stephanie and I watched the girls as they played in the water and made sand castles it was a really great time for all of us.

We left about noontime and went and got lunch at one of our favorite beach places. We all ate, even me! Which was a big surprise. I didn’t eat a lot or have dessert but I did eat the filling out of half my sandwich. A wonderful chicken salad with tarragon-it was delicious!

Then we raced into Portsmouth where we met my ex-wife. We all went to the repertory theater to see the Musical of Little Women. It was a very humid afternoon, and it was perfect to be inside out of the stickiness. That lasted until almost 4 pm when Stephanie and I took off for the evening  and a night for just the two of us.

We stopped at a couple places on the way back to my place. We planned on eating a light dinner so I would have my shake to help with my weight. Stephanie and  sat outside until almost 11:00pm with Julia Bleu on the porch. We talked about so many things and how soon we will be officially living together. Stephanie had a small gift for me. I was really surprised. She bought me a new Lokai bracelet the ocean one with blue and gray-it is very pretty and goes with my original clear one. I have had both of them on since last night! I might not be doing so great weight wise and with my injured leg with a fractured knee cap, but I am so very happy  and over the moon  happy to be engaged to Stephanie. We ended the night on a majikal note and went to bed way too late for such an early morning.

We got up to be on the road by 5:30 am to go to Bella’s open water swim event. It was quite a hike outside of Portland Maine. The place was lake Sebago and Bella was set to swim the 2500 meter open water event. Her coaches wanted her to finish in like under 50 minutes and Bella just missed coming in under 40 minutes by 11 seconds. $0 minutes for a 1.5 mile open water swim is excellent and everyone was happy. It was so nice being there with Stephanie and sharing in Bella’s accomplishments with her and my ex-wife. We all just love my Bella so much and she had a rough time of it with swimming while she grew into her ever growing body. Her coaches said the last thing weeks of practice have been really expectional for Bella and the coaches went out of their way to tell both myself and my ex-wife too which was really nice to hear. Bella has rededicated herself to swimming and the last three weeks have really shown.

We hung around with the other families and left after the award ceremonies. WE all went out to this place called Amato’s for an Italian lunch that was excellent. I didn’t eat a lot but I ate some and then of course we had to stop at Cumberland Farm’s to get our slushies.

Stephanie and I got home after three pm and we both had work to do. I have taken a little time off blogging and taken a step back to see where I am at. I need to get more involved in the community of bloggers on both my sites I am going to start with WordPress and take it from there.

I wrote the start of  a couple posts last night and published a poem. I am going to go a little less blogging and get involved in the blogging community. We had leftovers for dinner and then we got showered and cleaned up and called it an early night. WE watched Orange is the New Black and snuggled until we were both falling asleep.

I didn’t get up at the maniac’s hours so I am already behind. I got one post done and will post this one on the recap of our weekend. I love Stephanie so, and today I feel lonely without her. It is good to get back to writing and now it is time to do some reading.  I will be posting about my anorexia story and seeing Eugene-my homeless friend I haven’t seen in awhile.

Have a great day and hope you all had excellent weekends!