The Ugly Reality of Community Colleges..

Sometimes you really don’t know what you are walking into.  I awoke an hour ago, took my pug and went and got my midnight coffee.  I live for this time of night; I like to refer to as the “Maniac’s Hours.”  I settled down into my comfortable desk chair, and with coffee aroma filling my  study and my pug on my lap, I began my daily trek into the world of social media and blogging.  I really couldn’t have been happier…. I read some Facebook and made my way to some blogs.

I read a great blog post, by a professor of mine on the Beatniks, particularly Allen Ginsberg and his piece the “Howl” and a whole lot more. It was beautiful and perfect, learned many things I did not know, and the writing was a delight to say the least. Nothing like a great academic piece of writing, well researched, to start my day.  Then it happened.  This same professor of mine, had shared a blog on a person’s “awful plight” as an adjunct professor at a community college.  Her blog post was pretentious and truly if she HAD the cake with the BAM she wouldn’t ever have needed to write her self-promoting, holy thcommunty colleges.jpgan thou piece.

Her basic premise was the unsavory world of adjunct teaching at community colleges.  Before you implode with anger misdirected at me, please hear me out.  I am a firm believer, and rabid politico of a fair wage for all.  I believe higher education is another form of corporate America, where adjunct professors are not respected nor paid properly better yet fairly for their work and sometimes expertise. It is hard to speak about the world of adjunct professors without daring to step afoot into the murky waters.  However, this writer pissed me off so much, I will keep my shoes on, and wade through the muck a ways.

Community colleges are getting more and more complex, and the position they once held as an affordable option to traditional colleges is now almost extinct.  What did you expect?  The community college paradigm was just too good to maintain.  The institution of community college, is managed and run my people. Most people are greedy, in case you didn’t know.  A two year community college education is not the deal it once was, and on top of that the murky-underworld of adjunct professors stews….It is not plausible as this writer of the flaming blog stated, to compare part-time faculty from four year colleges to two year colleges.  The problems are similar but nobody wants to offend the white elephant sitting in the middle of the community college sphere: quite simply, qualifications. At a community college you do not need a PhD to teach.  All that is required is a master’s degree, and the field and currency of said degree is sometimes very questionable. Surely, I am going to piss off a lot of people I care and admire, but I need to be true to myself, and the choices I made, and I am off to get a PhD in a field I am very adept in but not passionate about like writing.

This is not personal, in that I am not directing this at anybody I know who occupies this shit-bag of a position; adjunct at a community college.  I am merely talking reality.  I blogged yesterday, that I am completely concrete.  Here it is at its worst I presume.  Honestly, if you asked most people, a lot more than probably 50% would love the life of a writer and professor.  However, this is the real world, money matters (unfortunately) and look if you will at the mediocre pool over-flooded by wanna-be writers who aren’t realistic then bitch and complain about being a starving artist.  I wish I could write, and make a living!  Not practical, sorry no room for a poetic mystique here.  I am a mere low-level wanna-be writer.  I am proficient, almost stellar at financial and technical writing, but who truly gives a shit about that-certainly not I.  I know you are going to toss in my face, what about following your dreams, pursuing your passions? What the hell do you think most of America is doing? Are you that inane to think a PhD in data analytics is my fucking passion? Don’t freaking insult MY creative needs and wants. No I am not driven to the field of chosen study, but I am realistic. This is exactly why I sit at home writing shit, pouring out from my soul, on my time at my expense. Have I given up the dream of being a writer? Hell no, it is one of the few things that gets me out of bed each day. I will always write; it is like breathing to me. Do I feel less than because I am being practical? Not at all, see I figured out money a long time ago….it doesn’t buy much that is important or virtuous, but it does buy my personal freedom. I worked in the financial industry right out of college until I was twenty-six, when my daughter was born. I don’t need to work, but learning and doing something with my life propels me forward to my newly minted aspiration of chasing my PhD. Will I actually ever use it? I haven’t a clue. I know that being anywhere in academia affords me the opportunity to learn to write, to better myself as a mere moron at prose.

I wish life were different, it hurts me that people are so miserable about their lots in life. If you  have a family, have children if you want, have shelter, and food to share with friends and family, you aren’t doing half bad. I will continue to do my part to see living wages restored for all professions, and I will always want the very best for every one of my professors who has gifted me with their intellect, their expertise and above all else in the middle of their murky waters; their compassion.