Homelessness and My friend Eugene-Time for Change

This morning I slept in way passed the morning’s maniac’s hours.  It took my phone ringing off the hook for Stephanie to grab it for me.  “Hello?” I said as I looked at the clock, it was only 6:45 am.  “Corey, is that you?”  It all came back to me very quickly. “Hi Eugene, how are you doing?  I see you figured out the phone that’s great!” “Corey I was at the store last night, and got worried when you never showed up with your little dog.”  “Oh Eugene,” I grimaced as my leg throbbed in pain, “Do you need me to get you something at that store?”  “No, Corey, I just got worried, and I hope I am not bothering you.”  “No bothers Eugene, I am heading to the store now for coffee, I will see you in just a couple of minutes.”

“Don’t say it please, sweetie.  I know what your thinking but I don’t think it is a very big deal.”  “Okay,” said Stephanie, as she gave me a morning hug, and set out to find all my clothes scattered about.  “I will make it a priority today, to get these clean clothes all folded and put away.  I am also going to get the rest of the laundry done.”  “Corey you cant do that all by yourself.” “I know,” I said, as I grabbed her close, “I thought I would have some extra help from a sexy hot dentist girl that I know.”  We both broke out into laughter, both of us aware that Eugene was waiting at the store.

I hurried and told Stephanie I would be right back.  I grabbed Julia’s Bleu’s leash and heading out the door. Eugene was waiting for me in the middle of the parking lot-I would have to remember to speak to him about being a bit more relaxed.  “So you are okay” he said back in  his usual growl.  “Do you need things today”” I asked him as I stepped into the door of the store. “No I am fine but when you are done may I please have a word with you?”  “Sure,” I said, “I will be right back out.  Julia Bleu and I went into the store, to make are long over due coffee.  No maniac’s hours for me this morning.  I will try to squeeze some writing in between all the things I need to get done.  Grocery shopping and Mother’s Day cards are at the top of my list.

I finally remerged from inside the store, and it seemed to me, Eugene was waiting nervously for me.   “Eugene what’s up, is everything okay?  “Corey I am sorry to put you in a bind. I was so excited about my new phone and well you, I mentioned your name to a group of people.  Some of these people will leave you alone, but others will come after you like a dog to a bone.”  “No worries, Eugene, I appreciate the heads up.  I am applying to volunteer at the Dover Friendly kitchen, on Monday afternoon.  I really want to get involved with homelessness and this is how I will do it until I can figure out how to do more.”

Eugene looed worried, and so I said to him, “Eugene is something bothering you?” “No! Not all,” he snapped back at me.  “Eugene the way you just spoke to me, is not okay don’t let it happen again.  I will ask you one more time, Is there a problem or something bothering you?” “I just thought you were my friend, and I thought you were only going to help me.”  “Eugene I am your friend, and I will help you when you are in need, I am going to help the whole local community starting with volunteering at the soup kitchen.  I think you better dig a little bit deep, you sound sort of selfish and like you don’t want anyone else to get help.”

“Corey it is nothing like that honestly.  I called you a faggot, and a faggot you might be, but you are also an angel to me too……”  “Eugene you have no worries, about your friendship with me.  I will make it clear to Dover Friendly Kitchen, that we interact away from the Kitchen.”  “Thank you Corey, I don’t know what to say.  Will you be here early tomorrow morning?”  Yes I hope against hope to be here between 1-2 am.”  Eugene seemed relieved and I was happy at that.  “See you later Eugene,” I called out to him.

Oh my brisk walk home, I thought about how it was so important for me to get involved at the soup kitchen level.  I am shamefully ignorant when it comes to homelessness.  I haven’t a clue all that is out there in the community.  Next week I hope to education myself as much as possible.  I walked into the house, “Hi Corey, said Stephanie.  I was overcome with this awesome idea, as we more forward in different ways.  It would be so great if we both got involved in homelessness.  I eagerly wait until we are done with all we need to do, to bring up the topic I know she will be so excited to get involved with me.