Maniacal Musings July 29-30th, 2016

Thank goodness today is Friday and I am going home tomorrow. It has been a long week at the DNC. One that I will never forget!

Stephanie left early this morning but I had to work a rally so didn’t get to leave until Saturday morning. Yesterday Stephanie  made contact with John Hopkins and they are working out a comprehensive visit for me to come down and see as many specialists as possible.

I have been writing about having  a hard time eating and yesterday was no exception.  I got through almost two out of the three shakes but didn’t really eat anything else.  The rally was hot and crowded and drinks were scarce.

Yesterday morning I talked to Stephanie before she left and before she told me I should go to John Hopkins. She is just really worried about me and I think is bracing herself for the fall she thinks I am going to take.

I am hopeful with this morning, that I already  have a shake going. Being in the hotel there is no place to get a good coffee until it is time for me to head to the airport.  Stephanie told me to call her whenever I woke this morning but I want her to sleep. She is tired and needs to drive to the airport to pick me up. I spoke to her not that long last night. I was really tired and sleepy and was falling asleep on the phone.

One of my friends and I were supposed to speak  last night around 7:15 pm, after they got out of work. I called her at 7:15 pm and got her v-mail so I left her a message and I think I fell back to sleep before she called me. I had a missed call from her and  it was like only 15 minutes after I called her. I am pretty wiped out for sure.

I am looking to getting home. I have a lot to do I need to get ready for Stephanie to move in and this weekend my daughter Bella is at volleyball camp. I will go Sunday in the afternoon with my ex-wife to pick Bella up and see how she liked her camp and how she did. We will probably get something to eat on the way back home.

I am really excited. I started a new blog called HECTIC yesterday. I wrote my first post for it and got some good views. It is going to be more edgier than this one is and more for the late night crowd. I have had lots to write but no real place to put it and something came to me and I went with it. I will see how I do managing three blogs. One blog on another blog site I don’t really blog to directly. I take posts from here and copy them over to the other one. It is more academic so like my anorexia story is not part of that blog. They also as I  have mentioned do this Friday photography challenge based on a prompt. I have been participating and I did it again yesterday. The prompt was “narrow.” I will post a picture of what I posted.

I now have Stephanie on speaker phone, She called at 4:30 am knowing I was definitely up and she suspected I didn’t want to wake her up. I miss her it’s been a long time since we have slept apart and I didn’t like it one bit.

Today my flight is 9:20 am I will get to Boston before 12 pm. I will have Stephanie stop at my favorite Italian restaurant. I get the rigatoni with sausage and ricotta. I really love this dish and if something can make me eat it would be this. Stephanie is telling me that Julia Bleu is so happy to be back home. Stephanie went and picked her up last night from my ex-wife. We weren’t supposed to get her until today when I got back. Stephanie said she felt bad for Julia Bleu and the house was much too quiet with both of us gone. It must have sounded quieter than  a morgue no lie! It warms my heart and makes me feel good that Stephanie went to get Julia Bleu not just for her but because it was better for Julia Bleu. I love it when Stephanie and Julia Bleu share a moment-it is so awesome and Julia Bleu doesn’t know what to make out of Stephanie because she is so calm and pretty mellow unlike myself or Bella. Julia Bleu is actually pretty demure with Stephanie and doesn’t give her the trouble she gives to me.

Stephanie loves the energy of Julia Bleu and me or me and Bella. I miss my daughter so much and this week she has paddleboard camp all day long so I can’t get her for a few days without bringing her to camp everyday in the early morning. I will do it.  I want to see my daughter and spend as much time as I can with her.

It will be so much better once Stephanie and I are engaged and don’t have to play pretend although I doubt my daughter is stupid she will probably tell us when we tell her she already knew!  Stephanie is such a sweetie she doesn’t want to leave Julia Bleu at home when she comes to get me. So she is going to call that restaurant  and have two orders of the rigatoni ordered to go so we can just run in and pick it up so Julia Bleu doesn’t have to be left at home. It is too hot for her to wait in the car while we eat

.  Stephanie is the really honest to God best there is! I am going to finish here and I will write more once I am home from my trip and settled in. So much to write about, I will probably blog  on the plane coming hone this morning.

Peace Out!