Creating Myself to Blog

When I first got the inclination to blog, I obviously went and set up a blog. There was this place or space called “About.” If you notice on either of my blogs it has been left blank.

As I worked towards being a blogger and a person who everyday puts themselves right out there I had to create that which already existed about me. I had to think about all the parts of myself. It was not an easy process or one which I have completed creating my truth out of what already is there and a part of me.

Some things are easier to admit or own as myself as opposed to other things which I have found too difficult and thus my “About” space is still empty. I  have been blogging for roughly 3 months on  a consistent basis. I am coming up on over 200 posts for this blog site in another day or two.

I feel like I have a lot to write and I certainly have the time and have gotten even more disciplined about writing twice a day/every day. . No matter what else I have going on. I am determined to write a post in the am and another post later in the pm. There have been occasions were I did not blog at night. I am still working out that second post it is so dependent on a varied amount of equations. Some I have over come and some I die flat on my face.

I know the blank”abouts” are there and they are starting to pull at me. I have shared quite a bit of myself on these very posts, but it all needs to get put together and create myself as I am right now. It will give me the honest opportunity to see where I have been successful and where I need improvement or just plan change.

I look forward with trepidation to getting my “Abouts” completed in a way I like and find desirable as well as being  truthful. It is a challenge for me at best-owning who and what I am and where I want to be in the near future.

It is a perfect time in my life to fill these out about my person and universe. What is all that and who am I? I will let you know when they are finished this weekend or maybe even before. I also need to share my other blog with everyone. There is a photography challenge I participate in now weekly on Friday’s  on my other blog. It is always done with a prompt challenge and I am no real photographer so this has been a lot of fun and I am learning to use words to excenuate a picture, without just describing it. I hope a lot of you will check it out.

For this moment that is all-never can be sure when another post will appear.