Maniacal Musings-Together

Although I am battling Mania Madness my life with my soon to be fiancé who is also moving in November 1, 2016 moves forward.

Although we have only been a couple since June we have really been together for well over two years.

The entire time I was super sick with anorexia, Stephanie didn’t leave my side or disappoint me in any way.

This has been a hard week with the Mania Madness and the leg surgery but none of that casts a shadow on the excitement of our impending engagement over Columbus Day weekend and then our big moving in together around November 1, 2016.

We have spent the last days definitely focused on my surgery and Mania Madness but we have still talked and had moments to be excited and nervous about the engagement and then moving in together.

I have taken care of everything as far as the engagement goes, and since Stephanie reads this blog I can’t go into much detail. She asked that it be private and memorable and I think I got those things covered. I can promise you neither one of us will forget when we got engaged and her ring, just finished at the jeweler, will serve as a constant reminder of that special time.

.We have been busy talking about this place, my place, where Stephanie is moving into. We are moving our bedroom and putting a lot of my furniture I recently acquired from my parent’s downsizing into the storage unit. Stephanie is bringing a few pieces here but most of her stuff besides bedding, towels, and kitchen stuff will go into storage while we live here for the next year or so.

Due to my divorce and parenting plan I have to live in Bella’s school district through the end of eighth grade. We are moving shortly after or maybe buying early and rehabbing a place on the water in Portsmouth or the tiny island off of Portsmouth, called New Castle.

We are in this together and forever. Not a day goes by even with the surgery or Mania Madness where we don’t talk about the thoughts of living together as an engaged couple.

For both of us it is a dream come true, and while this is Stephanie’s first marriage it is my second.

Neither of us are nervous we have spent so much time together over the last almost three years to know we are truly meant to be and destiny is on our side.

We have been talking a lot about fixing up this place, painting the new bedroom, and re-painting the bathroom on the first floor. Next week painters come in to paint the bedroom and I need to get the design work painted in the bathroom so they can finish painting that as well. Stephanie has plans to rearrange the kitchen  which I am fine with.

We are so happy yet don’t want to wish any time away and enjoy each stage we travel through.

Once we are engaged we will set a wedding date and then the wedding is basically all up to her. I have done this before and feel weird getting remarried so I want this to be what Stephanie wants. I have some ideas but unless asked will leave it all up to her and the wedding planner she is planning on hiring.

This weekend we need and have to go pick out our new bedroom furniture that we will take to the new house. There is an Ethan Allen in Portsmouth and another great furniture store called Abode which we will look at too. That is a must do for this weekend!

I can’t believe how fast the time has gone and how crazy amazing we are together. Nobody was joking when they said marry your best friend. We spend every night together and when my Bella is here we don’t sleep together as not being engaged I don’t think its cool.

When we get back from our engagement weekend I will tell Bella who I am sure already gets it, and we will proceed from there.

Stephanie is as cool as a cucumber and has no jitters whatsoever. I on the other hand am a bit nervous as this is my second marriage.

We are truly one in some many ways, and our soul mate connection is second to nothing I have ever experienced before.

Stephanie doesn’t have really any real relationship experience so she is full-speed ahead. All I know is we are really good, no great together and daily find the sacred in the ordinary.

Spending this weekend with her looking for bedroom furniture and spending tonight maybe going out with Bella and my ex-wife is so over the moon happy! We are both #AMPED for this weekend and getting one more step closer to getting the house in order to live together. We have to finally decide on colors this weekend-we have been tossing ideas around but know the time has come to pick.

I look forward to Stephanie getting home tonight and us having through Monday morning together as we always are.