I Made a Friend on Social Media…

Today is the first day in weeks that I haven’t been dragged down with surgery, loss, illness, and shear chaos.  So it was only fitting that today I would meet a Facebook friend, in person for the very first time.

My Facebook account is unique in many ways.  As a person who absolutely adores beautiful woman, a year ago I started a Facebook page dedicated to beautiful women who are transgendered.  I start last Spring, with one transgendered friend, and now a year later I have been friend requested so many times, I have over 2000 beautiful women who are just as beautiful on the inside.  In the process of acquiring acceptance, I learned a lot about myself as an ally and supporter.  I am994b9f2d5983de1e354994cbdb29ea27 honored and privileged to be a member of this unique, maligned, misrepresented group of beautiful souls.

The stories of lost spouses, children, lifetime jobs, parents, and friends is too numerous to explain.  Suffice it to say these women are brave, courageous, and are now fighting for basic rights to use a fucking bathroom.  They are not pedophiles, freaks or perverts in the least.  The bathroom is preyed upon by sick twisted straight men.  These women live always in danger, they are constantly killed, raped, and bullied.   I have been humbled to my knees on so many occasions, I don’t know how I lived before I was welcomed into this crazy, brilliant dynamic community.

Before you think, I don’t have a real life, I am a parent, a student, and I am surrounded by my “real” friends and family.  I do not live for Facebook or my Twitter accounts.   Nor do I see or feel that connections in cyberspace are more than limited and mostly artificial interactions at best.  As a late night blogger and Facebook user, I have had the experience of “talking to an internet stranger”; hours later left, a better me.  Those experiences are so few and far between.  Truly forming a cyber-space connection is knowingly impossible.

So how did I get to today, and meeting Adrianna in person? Yes, she is real and she truly exists. We started like any in a social media environment.  I “liked” her page, she ‘liked” me back.  Simple enough, nothing extraordinary.  What happened in six weeks, can’t really be explained. All I know is we had a disagreement on the pages of Facebook.  It landed in phone calls, quasi plans to get together Thursday morning.  We were both excited, nervous and giddy. I had my doubts…not about Adrianna but mostly about myself.  I am not very good at long time social commitments, and was anxious about being “on” for an uncertain amount a time.

Well Adrianna, surpassed all my expectations.  A completely loving-soul, who came bravely as herself, to an unknown person in an unfamiliar town.  I must confess she is my first transgendered woman friend.  I was nervous, yet excited and so surprised.  Through the maze of social media, we had definitely connected, and most surprising we were both as we presented in the lost world of profiles, and made up personas.  I instantly fell for this beautiful person; whose soul exudes much to share in this life.  I admit I can’t relate to her journey, but we connected so deeply on the pains which fill life.

The day turned to afternoon and lead into evening, neither of us wanted to break the magic spell.  I doubt many people have had this experience, but today I found my friend, a soulmate for sure.  I know these words are deep, yet more so the emotion, of two individuals who dared to take a chance.  I realize this is because of our cosmic connection.  I do not feel this will happen again.  But tonight, I am grateful to the stars above. For all the time I logged on Facebook which  gifted me such a gem.  I wish and I want for so much for Adrianna.  She is fragile, and delicate, with a fear I want to wipe away.  She calls her journey a part of revealing, unveiling her truth that has always been there.

I am touched beyond words by the power of her spirit, her genuine gratitude for my mere acceptance of her.  What is there not to adore about her, so gentlte, so brilliant, so many stories to share?  So tonight, we parted, we will see each other soon.  I feel a special sense of a gratitude I haven’t known.  I feel and I make no judgment of her, and in return she has gifted with an open mind and trusting heart.  So now I will wait for her to make it home safely, and go back to “liking” and probably posting.  I have not a thought anyone will understand, but tonight I share with my real friends my gift of Adrianna.

For surely the next time my friends and I get together, Adrianna will be invited to share in the fun.  I revel in the delight of the unknown before me.  Had you asked me last night I never would have believed.  It feels too good to good to be true, but when you are real, no matter what the setting, you will find a like person in the biggest of crowds.  Just one is all it takes to make the whole social network more than a mere game.

Good Night my friend, slept well and sleep hard. I hope to see you soon as you left your own mark. I won’t forget this magical day, played down by so many naysayers for sure.  Well we did it, we met, our souls they connected. You are now a friend in my real life; welcome to Corey’s Universe Adrianna.


Born This Way