Maniacal Musings-In Due Time

As I mentioned yesterday Stephanie will officially move in once we are formerly engaged for the sake of my daughter. It is important that we should her proper behavior to some extent without being a puritan.

Stephanie and I have spent one night apart when we had to get ready for the DNC. She was over at like 4 am in the morning. She is so mild mannered and easy going and yet she is really not all that understanding about officially living together. She gets it really and knows it is not in Bella’s best interest for anything else to happen. It is in our parenting plan for our divorce that we would not have third parties until marriage was impending.

Stephanie is so excited she has pretty much aggravated me by bringing a load filled up in her car once a week and we are storing herself in an empty bedroom that Bella would never go into. Her condo is on the market and will go fast. She can’t move what she is bringing over until there is a ring on her hand and I have seriously talked to Bella with my ex-wife. Stephanie is going to have to rent a storage unit although we haven’t gone through what we are keeping from whom. When we build or rehab a new house on the ocean next year we will bring our treasured  things but we will fully newly furnish the entire new house. It is our dream house we don’t plan on moving ever again. Infact, we have talked about the number of bedrooms. I know we need at least 4 for Bella, us , a baby, and a guestroom. Stephanie and I have differing thoughts on the number of children we will have. Going on 40 where she is 37 I think starting with one and enjoying it completely is the way to go. Stephanie has talked about having three more children. That puts a lot finanicial pressure on me to provide for school, a house , and hopefully no worries for each child and all the cash it takes to raise children the way we will. It is crazy the money. I am not  being cheap I have never considered having 4 children. Stephanie isn’t wedded to any number,she just wants the opportunity. So we build a 6bedroom house? Honeslty I am going to be bleeding money for some time with engagement ring,wedding rings, whatever Stepahie wants for a wedding and lastly an outrageous honeymoon. I am fine just nervous and scared of  failure. I get these moments where I freeze in place from utter stillness in the thoughts of losing Stephanie ever in my life.

I want to get through the DNC week and see where and if I am traveling right away. I have picked out her ring to be made for our engagement and I hope to plan something special in late September early October. I will be very busy with the Clinton Campaign- I will take time to do this engagement in Corey style. I hope she loves the ring! I must share this as it just happened the other night. I was out with my ex-wife and my dauger and I noticed serious bling on my wife’s hand. It was our engagement and wedding band from our marriage. In her defense she wore them for a long time after we were divorced saying they were too nice not to wear. However about 9 months ago she took them off and that was it. This weekend she went to Canada with Bella and wore the rings the whole time at the meet. I don’t know what to make of it and then there is the last name too. My ex-wfe took my last name when we got married and of course my daughter Bella has the same last name and when I] got diorvced my ex-wife didn’t change her last name back and Stephanie is planning on taking my last name as well. I am glad if Stephanie and I have a baby,  Bella’s sibling will have the same lasr name. There is such an age difference between Bella and any baby we might  have.  However I have heard lots of great stories about siblings with huge age differences between them.

I think if I don’t travel for the campaign this weekend Stephanie and I will sit down and do an inventory of all our things. I have nothing not even my family heirlooms. When my ex-wife and I separated in July 2011 I left with just a knapsack on my back for an overnight at a suite with Julia Bleu and I never even took my clothes and almost everything in the house was mine including antiques, my family’s  silver that is mine which will go to Bella, and art work and all the furniture. When I met my ex-wife she was a starving Harvard PhD student and I owned two houses on my own already on Cape Cod. The day we got married, my ex-wife got two houses, assests, and everything besides my retirement before I met her.This has been all lost on her now and I am a bit bitter to say the least.

I think if Stephanie and I can come up with a game plan and I of course will pay for the storage for her things, I think Stephanie will be happier or more relaxed. She is also worried about my being away for the campaign when my eating is not well. I will definitely go downhill without Stephanie’s help for sure.

Well that is the status of Stephanie and Corey……Things are happening not fast enough for either of us but I have so much to do from now until we get officially engaged.