U-ME and Maniac Sunday Musings

I woke up today at the maniac’s hours and did my coffee routine with my Julia Bleu. As has been the case this past week, instead of starting right away with my blog, I check the headline news.

I was very bothered by the unpeaceful protests in parts of the country and the arrest of one of the head activists of #BLACKLIVESMATTER. Reading the various news from the protests some were thankfully peaceful and others were not. It is so hard in our country right now. Everyone feels uncomfortable it appears, for one reason or another. The young black men’s lives taken earlier this week are unbearably sad as are the deaths of 5 cops in Dallas with even more injured. Then you go back a few weeks and issue of the shootings of 49 LBGT people at Pulse and the then the issue of bathrooms…for transgendered people who don’t even have basic equality. These are troubling times for our country and for all of us as individuals.

To make  matters worse on top of those issues where Americans are clearly divided it’s by the greatest divider: HATE. Lastly, something I will just touch upon without commentary is the two political conventions being held over the next couple of weeks. Not only are they significant in general, police are more fearful of issues surrounding the conventions more than ever now. Hopefully everything will be peaceful. We can hope and pray, right?

At the swim meet currently in 50 or less degree weather wearing shorts and a winter jacket. I am typing on my laptop and my fingers are almost frozen. It is shear insanity! It is pouring and so raw outside. Stephanie is being a great sport. My daughter has one more event we should be home by 4:00 pm.

New day early tomorrow morning! Pray for no more violence! Love conquers all~

Last night I gave Stephanie her promise ring with a poem called U-ME. I promised her we would be engaged by the end of September and she should plan on us living together for October 1st, 2016. This gives her time to pack stuff up and sell her place. We have to live at my house because of my divorce and the parenting plan with my daughter. We can’t live together officially as a couple because of the parenting plan that states marriage must be impending before Bella is introduced to a significant other. Bella knows Stephanie but can’t know until we are engaged or that we are a couple. Stephanie was very emotional last night when I gave her the ring, and wanted to bag out on our friends. I did too but I knew we had to do the right thing. Nothing like coming out to your friends as a couple and having all your drinks bought for you for the night! It was a wonderful time, and Stephanie and I can home and had “our time” which was pure magic for both of us.

This was the first Sunday I promised Stephanie that I would come back to bed for 6:30 am and have a lazy Sunday morning together. We were hardly lazy but we were in bed! Nothing more needs to be said. We got up and ate and talked about this fall and doing some painting here at my place and really making this our home for the year we would be here.

I just got a call from Headquarters, Hillary is speaking in Portsmouth Tuesday morning and I will get to bring Bella. She doesn’t know yet but I am very excited to tell her. I always have to work these events and this is my one in my home state in the city I grew up where I get to go and be a true supporter. My daughter Bella was only 5 in 2007-08 so this has been a long journey for her. I can’t imagine what she feels as she is already way into politics and the past three years: fifth, sixth and seventh grade she has beaten out boys to be class president. This coming year in eighth grade she will run for student council president.

Thankfully Bella is done swimming for this meet. Time to end here and write more once I am home and settled.