The Don On Wednesday Morning August 24th, 2016

A quick survey of stories involving the Don jumped from the pages of major news sources this early Wednesday morning.

Starting with the dismal appeal of the Don to the African American voter across the country. Since May the Don has held between 6-8 percent of the country’s black vote. For a demographic that usually votes predominately Democratic the numbers still staggering low. In swing states like Pennsylvania the Don hold’s 1 percent of the African American vote. In the past the Republicans have tried to make headways with the African Americans to swing states like Georgia to the Republicans and stave off a run away from a swing state like Pennsylvania. Polling numbers for White Supremacist, David Duke are higher than Trump’s numbers.

The Don met with a group of over 100 black pastors in June hoping to get them to go spread the Trump message. The love fest didn’t happen although the Don confirms there was a lot of love in that room that day. It isn’t the case for the Don in the real polling world. Following his presumptive re-election bid in 2020 the Don has said he will capture 95 % of the African American vote. Where the Don is spinning this shit is beyond me.

Speaking of spinning shit seems like that is what is happening to the rental rates at Trump Towers where the Don isn’t only the owner but the renter for his campaign headquarters. In July of 2015 the rent was around 26,000 until August where it was bumped up to over 35,000 until the end of May 2016, when it increased to over 70,000 Then in June 2016 when the Don added an additional floor and a half of campaign space his rents are now well above 170,000 and he is only donating a set 2 million a month to his own campaign compared with before when he paid for almost everything. Clinton’s rent is higher, although she is not paying herself. She also has over 700 paid staffers compared to the Don’s 100 paid staffers. Funny how rents and donations change just like that! Trump has spent over 600,000 dollars to rent out other Trump facilities for activities and reimbursed his airline over 450,000 dollars at the same time.

Lastly there is the Don’s wavering positions from immigration to foreign policy and everything in between. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has said that Trump stands for absolutely nothing! He has no solid platform upon which to build his candidacy. When it comes specifically to immigration it seems as though the Don has softened and in doing so is not wanting to spread the word. There is still talk of a wall (maybe) but carefully crafted words (not a phrase used to preface the Don) have him talking about now the legal immigrants who are here and need to be protected so forget about the 10,000,000 deportations that were set to go into place on his first day in office.

I don’t make this stuff up, I don’t fluff it up, and I don’t incite. I merely write on what has been made public knowledge and accepted as truth by the Don himself. Whether he agrees with cancelling two rallies later in the week add up to him avoiding immigration well we can debate that. He isn’t missing the fundraiser the night before in Colorado. That is a fact!