Our Country is Aimless on Fronts of Extremists Radicals

It once was that extremist radicals were only from other countries. Our nation is consumed rightfully so by Islamic Extremists who terrorize innocent victims.

What about the homegrown extremists when it comes to the LGBTQIA movement? What are we doing to stop these people?

Just think about it.

It is 2016 and people are happy, they are praising, they are holding signs saying their God finally killed the sinners….I am referring to 50 innocent people shot in cold blood for who they love are country seems to say. When are we going to get serious about domestic terrorism?

Why aren’t you talking about it? Why don’t you care?

Because it doesn’t affect you, you have all your rights and freedoms.

It doesn’t bother you that this not true for many people in this country.

They have no equality and they get murdered not just at Pulse, they get murdered in the streets, on the job, in their communities every freaking day.

How can we tolerate HATE of any kind.

Not asking for anyone to embrace the LGBTQIA asking for tolerance and parity.

What if one of them were your sister or brother?

Don’t be such a fool, we all are brothers and sisters.

Humanity has reached new lows when preachers are praising the killing of 50 innocent people and are not held accountable.

These are leaders…..people will follow.

Are you okay with another person either LGBTQIA or otherwise being murdered when they are completely innocent?

Get real-I know you- it doesn’t matter because you really don’t believe all people in this country desire the same rights, freedoms and equality.

Have you ever heard of a transgendered woman killing a woman in a bathroom?

This is getting hot, and soon you too will wear the blood of any more innocents that get killed or discriminated against.

Make this clear: The enemy is not just Islamic Extremists.

The enemy is also living freely in this very country.

By doing nothing you are saying a lot. We hear you loud and clear……..