Refresh Button

Today I hit the ‘refresh” button of my life.  Do you have moments where you feel the need to hit refresh or does it jus happen? Today is one of those days for me.  It is the end of an almost six week chaotic merry-go-round cycle of life events that have been discussed to death.

Today summer semester starts, which always brings with it a sign of a ‘new’ beginning of sorts. I already checked blackboard and classes are there just waiting for me to jump into them. I have to say I am not as enthused as I would like to be, about this semester.  I am taking a big programming class which I had started lasted spring, before I fell, I was just about half way through it with almost 100 average, and had to drop it for a WP.

I am also hitting the refresh button today because it starts my journey of sorts with the Clinton campaign. I have to decide which role I want and get my paperwork submitted by Wednesday. I am nervous, and taking this class might be moot as I had to pick three states I would be willing to work in for the campaign.  I chose New Hampshire obviously, California, and Florida.  Figured if I couldn’t  be home I want to be where the action is at.

I think people fall into one of two categories; one they refresh their lives too often, or two they don’t refresh them enough. I see people who sometimes daily start all over again, never to succeed because they don’t ever change the way they do things.  Others, are in desperate need of a refresh button, and don’t ever push it or reset it.

I would say I hit the refresh button at the beginning of every semester, and also at New Years, no surprises there.  Today along with hitting the refresh button for my life, what’s going on in it, what is new, I am setting the refresh button on me. I haven’t ever did this before, but it came up in a blog prompt, and seemed the perfect time for me to actually refresh myself.

How am I going to do that?  I spent last night looking and thinking about the living and being patterns of my life right now, which have been in place for a couple of years.  I wrote down what I did, how I went about things, and then with a new productivity app I began to rescript my days, and thus myself as a result. I am still going to get up at the maniac’s hours, that is biological, and therefore cant change. However, my blogging is going to be different, and less personal once I get through the anorexia stuff.  I am drastically cutting back on social media, and also on the copious amounts of friends and stranglers I have accumulated this year on Facebook, and the last two years on Twitter.

This is going to take intentionality, but refresh is key. I cant reset the refresh button next week or the week after, and with so many things changing and newly happening, what a perfect time to refresh myself.  Along those lines, I determined last night I needed a firm workout plan. I am really trying to get healthy, but cant do so without getting in shape.

My home is being affected by my refresh button. I am now on a cleaning and chores schedule, because as I know this is going to be a very busy and uncertain time for me, I have to have safeguards in place to keep my house clean and organized.

What is it about the refresh button, that makes today so much better just because? I think it is the change of routines, and the anticipation of new things to follow, although the refresh button I am setting on myself is the one I hold on to so tightly. Perhaps, when we make personal changes, and my personal refresh has a few more parts. I am for instance going to be more engaged on campus this summer or with the campaign. Yes, I tend to be a little shy, well not shy, I guess it is aloof.  I know I need to change that no matter what this summer  I need to engage with others more openly, despite my loathing for chit-chat and being social so you’re just not alone.  I need to find an opportunity to engage people around me, in a cerebral way.

So I am hitting the refresh button, and for all the things it represents today. I have already made huge progress, with ditching Facebook after just 15 minutes.  I don’t want for more, I posted my time was now limited.   I am eager to see if my motivation for school picks up a couple notches in the next couple of hours.  It would be great to crack a book, and do some assigned reading.  Then head to the gym for my first workout, and all and all just get some better balance.  My life as it was, was so maligned due to a host of circumstances that have now gone away.