Free Association

What a day for this person who is so happy and relieved to have a fire in my brain.

I have done most of my tasks on my to-do list, and added a quick trip to Portsmouth into my day to pick up my prescription shakes for my anorexia. I was happy to go to Portsmouth as I thought I would have to take care of this tomorrow at the earliest. Nope all set for the week, after a quick 50 dollar cab ride and 250.00 dollars on prescription shakes. I need to drink one daily and it is the one thing I have kept up in my recovery as I struggle daily with the scale, and my body and eating.

I stopped at the local Clinton campaign office and made contact with the locals post debate. My ex wife has offered her services to drive voters to the polls on election day, who don’t have the transportation to get themselves to the polls. We have to do all we can do on election day to get prospective voters to the polls on November 8, 2016.

I have done my work for national and may even jump on the headset tonight and call swing

state voters in New Hampshire and Ohio. I can easily pound out 500 calls in a couple of hours and I am willing to do everything in my power to ensure her victory against this orange monster.

I took care of my house keeping tasks and still have Julia Bleu to feed her dinner and pay her attention.  She has been  out of sorts with my busy movement around the house and then leaving for awhile to go to Portsmouth.

I am feeling rather #AMPED up and might need to finally take my pain pills that I have avoided all day. My legs are killing me and I don’t think I can fight the encroaching pain that is settling in for the rest of the evening. I am leery to take the pain pills as I want to keep up my pace, and slowing down anytime soon is not an option. I see my primary care on Wednesday at 8 am and will discuss the pain pills. I was supposed to set up my foot surgery today and I didn’t get to it. I bit down about missing that important call and getting  the ball rolling on my surgery. I am hoping this surgery can take place next week at the latest.

My fire in my head is burning strong but not out of control and I am not #HECTIC so I think I will go get a coffee to #AMP up just a bit more for the evening hours. My how time flies it is already 5:35 pm.

Okay got coffee and ready for evening. It is getting very cold out and tomorrow I need to bring out my winter bedding, and clothes for the cold weather months. Already wearing a ski cap, and light North Face winter jacket. I am so weary of the winter months and the ensuing injuries and accompanying surgeries that are lined up over the next couple of months. It is not going to be pretty with the surgeries and cold weather and lack of clothes that I will be able to wear until this nightmare is completely over.

My fire in my brain is festering and I must engage in an activity that will consume my fiery energy and defuse my #HECTIC energy without any outlet to release it. I am somewhat prepared for my evening of pushing out the phone calls to might be Clinton supporters. The stakes are so high I will engage in calling personally to the masses regarding HRC.

Okay I know I am not well received when I write too much about politics so I am moving on and ending the dialogue now.

My brain and body are #AMPED up and I know this might be a sleepless night in front of me. I am being pulled by the pug to feed her dinner, and wind her down upon my lap for the evening.

I know my pain is past the point of no return so swallowing the pain pills is a necessity at this moment. Taking my first dose when this should be my third dose per my prescription. I can’t take too close to bedtime as they keep me awake and alert but somewhere in a different Universe.

I must admit my fire is burning quite brilliantly and in a manner that allows me to think clearly and remain very productive. I am blessed today with a balance of fire and energy and tempered with the right mix of Adderall earlier to set myself up nicely for the evening hours.

Nothing like this morning and the efforts to quell the fire and have over come control over the burn.

I will be back with a new anorexia post at a later time this evening and hopefully a new tally of phone calls made for the campaign. Bear with me everyone, there are less than thirty days, and I have really said very little by way of the election. I will keep it that way, so everyone need not think I am going rouge on them!