Facebook Discourse is Good

I have been posting things these last couple of days on the Don. One of my Facebook posts was on the percentages of Republicans that want him to step down.

It started out slowly on Wednesday with a few pat and predictable remarks and then yesterday turned into a feeding frenzy for all those who had something to say or share.

It was by no means pretty and their was a lot of personal hostility and anger towards certain people on the feed, but the conversation didn’t break down.

The end result was that the moderates both Democratic and Republican want to see a viable candidate for the Republicans.

What is surprising in all of this is the polls for this week: Clinton leads by just a few points after the Don has had the second amendment issue and calling Obama the founder of ISIS. This is truly very scary. This contest is not in the bag for Clinton with most young whites between the ages of 18-30 thinking she broke the law with her email-gate. Some feel it was intentional and others feel it was unintentional. Minorities including African Americans and Latinos were much more forgiving of Clinton and her email-gate.

Where Clinton is really stuck is with the Sanders supporters. They are not all or close to all flipping to Hillary with some vowing to vote third party, some even voting for Trump, and another group that isn’t going to vote at all. The expected windfall of Sanders supporters for Clinton hasn’t come through and nowhere is Bernie to be found as he promised to keep Trump out of the White house.

This makes the Don all the more scarier in that he could win this election with all the crap he has pulled. Over 75 Republicans are urging the director of the Republican National Committee to stop spending and investing in the Don and to put the monies toward the House and Senate fights.

Trump is now saying he is either going to lose with his politically incorrect ways or win. It is the first we have heard of Don suggesting he could be defeated.

My biggest point has been his temperament is not fit to be president of the United States. He is so many things I am not sure where to start but suffice it to say he is not fit to hold the nuclear codes to our country.

No country including the United States is going to feel safe with Don having those codes. All the issues surrounding Trump and now his wife Melania are still not enough to put him out of contention for the presidency. Is this all because of email-gate? Surely there must be more? Hillary is so hated by those that don’t support her it is incredulous.

There is no temperance here there is severe loathing of this women on all levels. I guess I never really knew how unlikable she was to so many Americans. Being caught up in the campaign and in her you lose sight of reality but the polls this week are leveling for Clinton.

How does she respond to this narrowing gap between her and Don when he has pulled crazy outrageous things over the course of many weeks. What else can Hillary do? Is there someway to solve her innocence to a higher degree with email-gate? Can she overcome years of disdain by most white man to win the presidency?

I am humbled and awe struck at Don’s resilience.  What does that really say about the majority of Americans in this country? At this point with such a close race with Don it would appear that if the Republicans put in a real viable candidate there probably wouldn’t be any contest.

Dismayed? You bet. Scared that the Republicans don’t have the strength and leadership to move Don off to the sidelines and bring in another viable candidate? Absolutely.

Glancing at the headlines this early morning Don had an uneventful day yesterday and seems to be taking just enough of a hint to reel himself in a bit until of course he becomes president.

Don can not be the Republican candidate. The Republicans need to take responsibility and accountability for the persona that represents them in this election.

With the margin between Clinton and Don narrowing time is of the essence. An emergency plan must be put into place to sideline the Don at the very least. Otherwise for lack of a better phrase: WE ARE FUCKED!!