Disappointed in Myself-True Colors Shine Through

Yesterday was a tough day made even harder by the fact that someone I thought was a friend with a very dirty mind turned out to be nothing more than a dirty old man who didn’t ever deserve my attention.

I met him on Facebook, a real loner but always quietly supporting me. We got close when my dog Jack of 17 years died. He too had lost a dog and we were both with new dogs.

The conversations were always above board, he is old enough to be my father, and he knew all about Stephanie.

One day something changed and he made a rude comment about my body. It hit me all wrong and being the open-minded person I am I let it go. Big  mistake.

Over the course of weeks his ugly and filthy mind and outlook on life came to shine and I often questioned what I was doing talking to him. Nobody else was, and that is probably way I put up with it.

He would post these little quizzes that stated I and other people were fighting for him in bed. I cringed when I saw those, it is no offense but I don’t like guys, especially old, moody guys. The only thing that he enjoyed was off color conversations and commentary.

I thought we were solid friends so I told him I didn’t care for it and was all about Stephanie

. He just overlooked all that and he started to pick up speed with his vulgarity. I guess that is what dirty old men who can’t get it up talk about and think about constantly.

I was growing really old of his shit but in between it was care and what seemed like genuine concern for me. I felt the same way about him and his dog and hoped this “dirty” aspect would go away.

Yesterday was a long and busy day for me. I finally had a chance to talk to him and well it didn’t good so well. I had noticed prior that he was less interested and we spent less time talking about the good stuff and every time I called him out on another vulgarity I could feel him pulling away. This wasn’t going as he expected.

I don’t think he had real thoughts about being with me but he fantasized and dreamt about me which made me hurt and very angry. He was out to show me he was defiling me in one way or the other.

So yesterday, after a real hectic morning I spoke to him. The conversation was less than okay and he made some lewd remark that pushed me other the edge. He suddenly had to go as there was a knock on his door. I thought about him, how he wasn’t my type of person at all, and after being pissed off about the lewd comment I wrote him pissed as hell, telling me his sexual innuendo about my body and his was disgusting and I needed a time out from all of this.

I didn’t know what I meant by time out but I wanted and needed space. He didn’t respond right away due to his company but when he did he showed me for the final time what he is all about. He read my message and wrote bye. I didn’t think it was anything more than him being less of a man and apologizing for his behavior.

I went to reply angrily to his “bye bye” and was told I couldn’t message him. I sat for a minute and thought he is not that mean and awful is he? I then clicked on him and it said content not available to be displayed. I was in a raged shock that he would block me being the limp dickless man he really was. Well I really wanted to give it to him, not in a hurt way but playing his callous game.

I logged on through another account which I know scared the shit out of him and messaged me what a fucknut of a loser he was and he hadn’t hurt me at all as I was done with his shit. He has no friends and his direct offensive ways makes it hard or unsavory for others to respond to him.

I then went and posted a rant without names going on about being all done being friends with men on Facebook. This is not the first time  this has happened, it is the third and what people don’t get about me liking girls and having the ultimate girl is beside me. Close to 100 people responded to my little rant all concurring with me. I  was really surprised.

So I am quickly moving on and if he is anything like the two other guys claiming friendship he will back to be greeted by either my wrath or my complete silence. Either way he did me a big favor yesterday leaving my life.

He never belonged in it and I was too nice and didn’t want to put up with his moodiness to speak out more. He dug his own grave and that is the end of that old man! I thought at first what could be safer than an old man? He was the worst offended of all three.

Me? I am just happy to have that less than person out of my Universe and muddying up my life in general. I WILL not be friended any guys but the couple of really great guys I know. I learned a good lesson. I can be open-minded and still not like certain behaviors or actions.

I don’t and I won’t compromise myself with any other person again. Big lesson learned. I have my boundaries and if they aren’t respected forget it-right away. I think I came across as too nice and diplomatic and it cost me big time.

I harbor no ill-will or actually any feelings at all. I haven’t thought about him or missed him or been the least upset with his blocking. Honestly, he did me a huge favor! Thank you dickless wonder.