Sometimes It All About Intention….

Today I spent the day prepping for my families return and the grief and sadness we will all endure.  Tonight I feel  filled with peace at last.  Just having my family home at the airport makes things so much better

I worked hard today, I worked with intention.  My goal was to do what I could to minimize their grief and loss. All that I did was based in

20160430_123814 (1)

pure love.  It doesn’t happen often that I have entire days like that.  I made a special Jack box for Bella.  Most of all, I found the best picture of Jack! It was when he was three and at his prime. Neither of them have seen it so I went to the store and got 8×10 copies.  I felt like I was inspired beyond my own intentions.


Lots of people have no understanding, its not so much Jack, its his loss to everyone else.  Animals are naturally good.  No guile, always happy, always willing to please.  I think we all should take a closer look at animals.  They teach us much if we get close enough.  Tonight an unkind person inquired about my drama? The first thing you need to know is I refuse to do drama.  Yes my life has taken a very bumpy road, from fractures, to surgery, to dying dog, to family in Europe, and lastly my little Julia Bleu with cancer.  I didn’t ask for any of these things, I do love hard and I care very much.  So for anyone who feels I am drama; not my intention and I wish you would please enlighten me.

Nothing gets me more than cocksure uncompassionate people, especially when I have bent over to be nice.  So I believe I will post a few pictures of the day: my Jack box for Bella and the picture I found.  Intentions are something that is all that we have, I never intended to make people and animals I love dramatic food fodder.  So I will return in the maniac’s hours.  Bright eyed and ready to blog something meaningful.  Than you to all who saw me through this time; your


Rest in Peace My Best Friend Jack


kindness and compassionate will never be forgotten.