Forward Drive Equality for All This Memorial Day Weekend

In my thirty-nine years of living I have met a lot of different people from many places, doing many things, and also believing in different things.  I was raised a catholic but left the church when I just in my teens.  I found Buddhism, not a religion but a philosophy at the age of like 25.  It was a truly powerful moment in my short life, and I got right into the community, and eventually made treks to Nepal to study and explore. I got married and that was by a UU priest, seemed like the least offensive way to go.

When we had our daughter, I knew that I wanted her to be raised with some organized religion in her life. My ex-wife and I started church shopping. We would go on any given Sunday or Saturday depending on the faith to attend a new church. She was raised Mormon and I was raised Catholic so both of those were not options for our family.  After trying many churches, including Judaism, we settled on what we both considered Catholic lite-the Episcopal church. Our family was welcomed there, you could question the bible, yet it still had a lot of the pomp and circumstance of the Catholic church. My family got really involved and I ended up getting Confirmed, the same day our daughter Bella was baptized. It was all very good and very family friendly, we made some great friends there over the years.

I find know there is not so no but on the come back atheist movement that is using logic to dismiss faith. It is fine with me, I wear my cross, and have my tattoo “Find Your Jesus” because Jesus was the only non-offensive person to all religions, and the point of my tattoo was to have people find faith in something.

So you can imagine me with all my rational and theists friends….not all that great.  I wrote a blog less than a week ago call Faith and Expectation. Faith is a feeling of truly knowing or believing in something, such as when you go to bed at night you have faith that you will get up in the morning. Expectation is more like there is a chair, and I feel safe to sit in it, because you expect it to hold your weight.  This is all very simplistic, but the truth is we are all believers.  Theists believe in nothing, well nothing is something, and that same theist is going to have faith whether they will argue the semantics game that the sun whether sunny or cloudy will rise tomorrow.  So I like to think that humanity as a whole is always in forward drive, but much to my dismay that so not true with the way of the world, and the political arena especially with the hate-based and faith-based politics against now the transgendered people.

I pray we can come together as a country first, and give equality to every single person in this wonderful country on this Memorial day Weekend.