Maniacal Musings: Everything Changes…….

With my impending engagement to Stephanie everything changes…….

First I will tell my daughter, Bella, who has no idea that anything is going on between us. Bella will be very happy for me and excited about Stephanie joining our family more permanently.

I have been busy with injuries and all making space in my house for Stephanie. Yes, she stays here every night but her things aren’t here with her.

We will be renting a storage unit for the next year to house some extra furniture and other things I just received from my parents who just down-sized to a smaller house up here in the Northeast. It will also house most of Stephanie’s furniture as well until we move next year when my daughter is out of middle school down to the ocean.

I will be living with only the second person I have ever lived with…..I never cohabited with anybody else except my ex-wife.

This is a major deal. Although Stephanie is here every night and every weekend I will be sharing my space and not living alone anymore or ever again.

I have been on my own for 5 years, so this is BIG.

I have no worries about compatibility on any level with Stephanie. It is like she lives here already, it has just been “my” place and she has cleaned and cooked and lived here for great stretches of time. I know her ways, and her style and how she does things in the sense that she has been doing it all but at “my” place.

Now it will be our place so I am sure some things will change. I have asked her about it and she says it just makes her life so much easier and less complicated plus she is over the moon excited to live together. She has never cohabitated with a significant other as there really hasn’t been any significant others in her life.

I will be giving up “my ” space in a forever way that does take my breath away momentarily. I know that when Stephanie moves in our forever truly starts. I am so excited, yes a little nervous! I can’t wait to be engaged to her and it should be happening I believe around Columbus Day weekend. In fact I just decided while I write this that that is when I will propose to Stephanie! Time to make the special plans to make a memory to last a lifetime!

Wow! Seems so much more real than it did when I started writing……I guess that means she will move for November 1st, 2016.  A new date to add to the memory bank. I have lots to do before then. Like get a storage unit and move my stuff into it so she can move her stuff in as she wants.  Her condo is on the market and is going to sell quickly. I will tell her we are going away Columbus Day weekend and plan to move in on or around the 1st of November. This is so freaking exciting.

I so look forward with great hope and anticipation for our future that will truly start in less than 2 months!