Maniacal Musings: Distorted Vision

I realized this presidential election has given me nothing but a distorted vision about our country, the two main candidates running for president, and the American people.

This past week the Don has caught up to Clinton as she basically took the month of August off from the campaign trail to fundraise close to 140 million dollars.

The Don didn’t catch up to Clinton for anything he is doing it is all about what Clinton hasn’t been doing.

As more TRUTHS about both candidates emerge the election waters just get murkier and murkier.

We are learning about Clinton and her FBI interview where she said no less than 40 times “she couldn’t recall,” when asked questions about her private email server. It is becoming clearer that Clinton wasn’t or isn’t as innocent as I hoped she would be. She knew what she was doing and she broke the rules, which is sad because she is such a brilliant lady.

The Don on the other hand had a week where is turn around on his immigration policy coupled with a strange trip to Mexico to meet the president left him in an awkward position with many of his voters who comprise his base.

The Don has now said in speeches inaccurately that we have no idea how many illegals are in our country. It could be as he has repeatedly said “Be anywhere from 3 million to 30 million people.” This simply isn’t true as the United States government using census data has estimated the number of illegals around 11 million and by the experts opinions this number is fairly accurate being off no more than I million up or down.

The Don talked that it cost the United States government xxxx amount of dollars to house these illegals when in truth the burden of illegals falls greatly and mostly on state and local governments.

Regarding his trip to Mexico, the Don did not speak to the president of Mexico about who should or would pay for the wall and painted and portrayed the meeting with the president of Mexico as very positive and a great first step. Not so said the president of Mexico when asked about his meeting with the Don. He stated the Don remains a great threat to Mexico and its people.

Once the Don was home and speaking at a rally of his, he spoke cockily about “Without doubt Mexico will pay for the wall.” Again another mistruths.

When it comes to Clinton, this week as she finished up her fund raising and made little news beyond the FBI report and the Clinton Foundation. I will mention that most Democrats believe that Clinton needs to step way away from the Clinton Foundation now. She has said if she becomes president she will cut all ties along with President Bill Clinton. However, it isn’t flying with the Democrats who want them to step away now and cut ties to foreign government donations and the likes.

Clinton has said if elected the Foundation would not accept any donations from foreign countries. With Clinton’s low key past four weeks I was able to find a quiz on Clinton’s 10 most biggest fibs. Unbeknownst to me they truly exist and I failed the 10 question quiz miserably.

For me personally this week as a citizen of the United States, I have come to question almost everything about our candidates for president and the attitudes of the American people. I really don’t know what to think when it comes to Clinton. So many good ingredients spoiled by splashes of sour milk. With the Don it is pure threat and worry about him winning this election. I really wanted the Republicans  to do the right thing and somehow pick a really viable candidate which the Don is not.

I learned this week why people who don’t like Clinton don’t like her….truth has eluded her time and time again. Why is this the case? How did any of the Democrats think she could get away from being less than truthful. Then we jump back to the Don, and his unreleased tax returns. For a presidential candidate who is in corporate debt at least 650 million dollars, I believe it is imperative we see his personal tax returns.

Lastly as a campaigner for Clinton, I had the “pleasure” I guess you could say tongue in cheek, of talking to unsavory Don supporters. The inciting hate for Clinton and other fellow Americans left me disillusioned and dismayed. The #HATE is real folks I can promise you that…..the Don did a great job in his primary run of building up intolerance and unacceptance of certain groups of people in this country and many red-blooded American cowboys and cowgirls have bought right into it.

Unfortunately for the Don, he himself is not only scaring fellow Americans, but so are his supporters he unleashed during the primary.  I  think as Clinton’s unfavorability climbs to all time highs, you still will see her in the White House come January. For all her lies, and mistruths she isn’t a hater and #LOVE must #TRUMP #HATE this fall in the election.