The Don Just Needs To Keep on Talking-Clinton is Worst Own Enemy

Yesterday the Don did an about face on immigration especially when it comes to the Obama administration.

Unlike before when the Don repeatedly promised to deport over 10,000,000 illegal immigrants the Don know says strict laws like those being followed by the Obama administration need to be continued and will be under his presidency.

Gone is the hard line rhetoric and divisiveness of the primary election for the Don. The Don is learning in a presidential election you need to appeal as more of a centrist. He hasn’t at all reached out to the Latino population on issues of immigration or anything else of that nature.

Basically he is treated the African Americans the same way. He isn’t dealing with them and has only 8 percent of their national support. What is it about the Don. He intentionally opted to ride to victory on white middle-class men and now with his pull back on almost every issue he stands to lose the voter base he had and not gain anyone with his shifts in attitudes.

Anyone dumb enough to believe the Don who has had a week free of chaos is changing is in for a real rude fuck up the ass awakening come the day after the election when the Don returns to his old self. There is no way the Don is presidential in nature in anybody’s books and to try to foul the American people now with all the antics he has played out is pure ludicrous.

The Don is always mentioning Clinton’s ties to the Street and her speaking engagement fees his corporations are in debt to these very institutions for over 650 million dollars. Who needs the street more the Don or Clinton? The Don has repeatedly said he doesn’t need the Street’s money that is bullshit he isn’t sunk because of it for gosh sakes.

Yesterday the Don hit pretty low and very inaccurately by calling Clinton a bigot. The Don stated the only thing Clinton sees in color is votes which I find in itself a very racist comment. As stated by Clinton said, “He is taking a hate movement mainstream,” she told CNN’s Anderson Cooper in a phone interview. He who hates women, all minorities, especially Muslims, and women, and makes fun of disabled people. He is one to really talk. He has said if we can believe anything he has said to be true he will revoke the marriage equality law passed a year ago June 27th, 2015 by SCOTUS. He has no time or energy or even worse care for the LGBT community. I think it is a joke gone bad that the Don called Clinton a bigot.

Speaking of Clinton she must be bracing herself. Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks is set to unleash personal and private files having to do with Clinton’s campaign. His organization hacked the DNC for this information and I don’t care what is in it I don’t think any proper news organization should use WikiLeaks information in their coverage of a candidate. As a college student I am not allowed to cite WikiLeaks in any formal academic paper. Newspapers and news casts should not be allowed be to take WikiLeaks criminalized information and use it in their reporting. Julian Assange has a personal vendetta against Clinton and is using means of hacking DNC databases and servers to produce criminalized private information. It is not okay and he as well as the news agencies using his information need to be held accountable to the highest courts. This already happened at the DNC convention and caused quite a stir up in the leadership during the first couple of days.

Clinton is holding steady with a solid 9-11 point lead in the polls nationally.

Don’t look for the Don to release his tax returns anytime ever really. He has said all along while under an audit he would not release his returns. There are no laws that prevent him from doing so, in fact when Nixon was running he was under an audit and released his tax returns just the same. The Don’s campaign manager has been behind the Don to release his tax returns that was until this past weekend. Now she agrees he should not release his returns. What is it that the Don might not want the public to see. That he is worth only 3 billion 6 billion short of his own estimate, that he doesn’t pay taxes because taxes in real estate are tricky with depreciation etc.? Is it that he doesn’t give to charities? What would make the Don not release his records? One person’s answer was that as a business man which is how the Don views himself and probably will after January 17th, 2017 he doesn’t want to give his competitors access to his personal wealth. Okay, so maybe that is the reason, but every presidential candidate should have to release their tax records. His 650 million dollars in corporate debt is staggering and the Don makes no bones that he makes his money heavily using debt.

When it comes to Clinton her recent released emails their is no favors found in the emails of her being Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation just maybe access to her. There is a big difference but most people advising Clinton are telling her to put out the Clinton Foundation and lay it in moth balls. Not a good idea and too risky a proposition.

There lastly appears to be some conspiracy theory on Clinton’s health being spun by none other than Rudy who has always wanted a dog fight with Clinton and Trump playing second man on the questioning of Clinton’s health. Pretty desperate accusations to make about a thriving candidate.

Stay tuned for a follow up to the ALT-Right theory Clinton is going to unveil today on Trump and his campaign leaders. It is damaging and dangerous thoughts for our country to have to consider. I will let Clinton speak to it before commenting.

For the last word I will give it to the head of the RNC who is pleased as punch with the Don’s week of using teleprompters and staying on message. I loosely quote him, “Give Trump to Labor at the latest to catch up to Clinton in the polls.” Okay one week of normal behavior we all know is a guise is somehow going to change the polls? The only person who can hurt Clinton is Clinton with whatever is hanging out there about her emails……..