In Florida Hand Needs Attention-Family Holiday After Five Years

We got up early this morning and took Bella to Cocoa Beach for a surfing lesson with the big guru in the area.

Today makes a week from my hand surgery and I need to change the bandage as it was to be changed at day 4-5 at the latest.

Stephanie and I have been having a blast and just got back from the beach. We were hoping to go sea beaning but the sun is too hot and we are exhausted.

My sister and family arrive tonight at 5 for a big family dinner. I hope I have the stamina to make it through. Bella will stay with me tonight again and tomorrow she will probably stay with my ex-wife.

I have to have my brother-in-law help me with my bandage as he is the only one who has the stomach for it. Stephanie is worried it has been so long over due but I think I have kept it quite clean and dry.

Thoughts of the pathology report for the tumor are running through my head and Stephanie’s. We are just really finding a wonderful groove but it is hard not to think about what if?

I am going to try to get Stephanie to relax with me as we just got back from the beach but we didn’t last long with the sun beating down and being so tired.

Stephanie is so happy to be with me and my family is happy to see her. I hope everything goes well with my sister and her family as it is always a little up in the air.

I haven’t seen her since my father’s death 5 years ago. Today is a big day for us, as I received the flag that covered my father’s coffin as part as his military funeral and I am giving it to my sister today as it means more to her along it means more to me in a different reason and for dreams that never happened. I didn’t have any stellar relationship with my father as it was awful but my sister had a good relationship with him and she loved him very much. I wish I could say the same. I am happy he is finally at peace and rest’s as his life on this earth was not peaceful or happy.

I haven’t seen my only sister in five years, and I hope we have a decent visit, as they are not staying at my parent’s house they are staying at a hotel.

I am sure that my hand will be okay under the bandage and everything is okay healing wise, as I am not usually a good or fast healer, so the extra time in the bandage probably helped.

My ADHD and Mania Madness is at full tilt and I need a break from all this stimulation as my brain is on fire and my body is following closely behind. I am not so sure of my Mania Madness and I pray I can have an early night tonight and relax with Stephanie and play on my phone and watch some very missed politics.

I am really tired and today is a really hard time and I pray with the help of God and the Holy Trinity that I can make it to a decent hour. My Mania Madness has been at its peak and I really have no more tricks to pull out of my bag done here. I did just take an extra Adderall that I was scheduled to take but didn’t plan on taking it. I did have to take it and I hope with something alcoholic at dinner I will be okay and my Mania Madness isn’t apparent to anyone else. My sister has always had issue with my Mania and I hope that this last Adderall makes the fire that is brilliantly burning in my head from a place I do not know. I am stuck in Florida until next Wednesday and can’t get to the pharmacy until the middle of next week. I will have to order scripts to my pharmacy close to my house before I get home so they are ready.

Oh gosh the ills of Mania Madness mixed with my sister’s visit where we haven’t seen each other in five long years.

I am feeling a bit better and upbeat and hopefully will play off my sister and her family’s visit. They will be tired and are basically coming for dinner before heading to their hotel. Tomorrow my parents are hosting a big brunch for my entire family at 10 am.

I am feeling a sharp pain in my finger and hand and pray all is okay or else I will need to go to the emergency room tonight. That wouldn’t go over well for sure.

I am hoping everyone is getting excited for the holiday and has plans to be with family and or friends.

I am thankful to be here in Florida with Stephanie and my family and my thoughts are all with my readers for this special holiday.

I will write in Maniacal Musings tonight about my visit and all that happened because surely something will definitely happen!