My Non-Judgmental Persona in Today’s World

I was asked what my best personal quality was and as I gave it some serious thought I realized my best quality is my nonjudgmental personality.

My nonjudgmental persona causes me some real grief personally as at times! I laugh out loud but it isn’t really all that funny.

I am accepting and tolerant of most people as long as they haven’t hurt other people, children, or animals.

I can usually find a place for someone in Corey’s Universe who is different than the rest of society or perhaps unacceptable to everyone else in my world without much compromise of my values and morals because since I am in my own Universe I can expand the scope of my societal acceptance and most people can and do fit into my Universe even though putting all these people together in the same room can truly cause fast logistical problems for all involved.

My nonjudgmental persona comes from my no labels approach to life for myself as well as my lack of issuing acceptance to the use of labels by others to make it easier to divide society into proper, and divisive entities that create a society that one can break down in part and parcel.

Why is it that people turn to labels? They are too naked without them. I am always too enthralled with the liberties of labels and the vast territory that labels appear to cover somewhat the grand scale amounts of societal territory.

I think about one of my former professors who is too busy and above reading my blogs so it is fine to blog about this ingrate, and her lack of a developed cerebellum and her rules on society that scare me as she does with her narrow-minded small universe world she occupies. She is a labeler of massive proportions and she is one of my reasons for not being judgmental of caring what others think about the people I choose to be friend, like, help, or want to be close to. I can’t help but give most people a chance or at least one first time to make a proper impression on me or with others that are important to me.

The problem is the people I love for the most part. are critical or are more apt to be judgmental of people I like or choose as people who have some sort of place in my life. I have spent a great deal of time in my life defending others to my parents and those closest to me. The only person I don’t have to answer to is the person I am going to marry, my best friend and girlfriend, Stephanie.  She is the only person in my life that accepts me and all other people I care about without hesitation or doubt or nary an eyebrow raised. It is an amazing feeling to love a person who loves like my wife to be love me and loves the people who truly matter to me, no matter their story, no matter their place, or current space they occupy. 

Stephanie is a direct reflection of my heart and soul and all the little or not so little things that mean something to me. We all matter, no matter what your criticism is about another person. We all have our place, and my universe is a place where as many people as I can accept are welcome and I hope I am lucky enough to attract all walks of life and breathe to me and my soul. Life is funny. We judge, yet all of us are flawed and wounded. My flaws are right on my arm to see and feel and I want you to know I am aware of my imperfections and I hope my acceptance of my imperfections makes you a person who embraces their flaws and weaknesses.

Nobody is above anybody unless you are talking about the Divine, which is not the case with us mere mortals.

So let’s give it up to:  judgment free zones, open minds, and clear embracing hearts and open, welcoming souls.