Maniacal Musings: Daily Rituals

I have always lived with rituals defining parts of my day.

I have the maniac’s hours from 12:30 am to 6 am, and then Corey’s Chronicles from 3 pm to 7 pm.

In between there have been hours set aside for whatever needed doing or taking care of. Now with my physical therapy and occupational therapy twice a week from 8 am to 11:30 am, and the election only 16 days away, I am entering time where basically my entire day is going to be a ritual until the campaign drops off and the therapies go away.

I am a person who does well with rituals, and I am always looking to make more or add more to a pretty structured day. My maniac’s hours are used to now read the Bible and write in my private journal, and the time right after that is writing and blogging time to get my first blog out for the day.

I usually wing it from 10-2:30 pm and fill the time with appointments and errands as I get ready for Corey’s Chronicles hours to write at least my second blog for the day. Without structure of this sort, and suffering from Pure Mania, I would have a day filled with lots of good ideas and great intentions but nothing surely to show for it at the end of the day.

I am somewhat surprised that more people don’t have more structure into their day, and go randomly from waking up, to school, or work, back home for the day to wander aimlessly trying to fix dinner and create something out of the night for themselves.

The fire in my brain, is too brilliant and hot to let it smolder on its own, without direction and structure. I sometimes feel it is the strict structure of my days, with some free time to not feel like a robot, that makes me as productive and happy about my accomplishments as I am usually everyday.

My day is set up to maximize accomplishments, and I don’t know how normal or regular that is. I accomplish writing pieces everyday, and set other goals that keep me in forward motion, and from straying from my bigger daily picture. My blogs are a gift from the Universe. Once I left school due to my injuries and surgeries I needed a place and something to partake in that would give me a sense of academic accomplishment as well as furthering my overall goal to improve drastically as a writer.

I have always had the maniac’s hours, but Corey’s Chronicles came about because I had too much idle time on my hands and I couldn’t for the life of me produce a second blog for the day, without making it a formality. I think quite a few people can relate to that, but I really don’t understand the WHY?

Once I declared I was writing not one but at least two blogs a day, Corey’s Chronicles seemed the perfect footnote to my afternoon spent hammering away at another post. I have gotten myself so habituated that I can honestly say the drive to write supersedes any conflict or reticence on my part to rely on the maniac’s hours and Corey’s Chronicles.

With switching up my maniac’s hours to reading the Holy Bible and writing in my journal, I have no problem, sitting still after that and blogging my first post a bit later. I have yet to miss a post after the maniac’s hours and I believe it is because I and my writing have become one with the indentured structure I lived within for so many months.

I can also with time permitting start to right a second blog right after the first some days, as my writing flows through my fiery brain into my mind and through my finger tips on the keyboard.

I write now with somewhat less structure than I did in the past, but my desire to write is far greater than ever before and my productivity is off the charts with my blog posts. At some point structure fueled my fire to write daily, until I got enough fire in my desire to write that it wasn’t necessary anymore and I can now write a blog with a lot less time but much more thought that now allows me to use the structure of the maniac’s hours to read the Holy Bible and write judiciously in my journal. I admit without the reading structure at this point I would not be reading daily and covering as much ground as I am, or writing so saliently in my journal for future posts on my spirituality.

I wonder deeply and ponder what my days look like when I return to school in January for Spring semester. I know my blogs must continue and will probably return to the first one being written during the maniac’s hours along with completing course work. I believe the Holy Bible will be done by then but I like the structured reading I have put into my day that otherwise would be a hope, a dream, but surely not an accomplishment.

I am aware that I am only one person, and that somethings might need to change. I think that is why I write about it now in October when the Spring semester is far away in January. I need to learn to prioritize with reasonableness that which I have as daily goals, and those loftier goals that supersede daily structured living and working.

It is going to be very difficult to give up on my blogs, even if I can only reasonably write one post a day. My goals with my school work are high and out of this atmosphere and I will not compromise on my school goals when it comes to my academic achievement.

I will find a way, and I have some time before school starts to play around with different paradigms and see which one will work best for me. I am not done writing this blog but already know what my next blog will be. I love the feeding frenzy my fiery brain brings to my mind and the possibilities that exist for me to try and conquer.

I am so grateful for this last bit of school off, so I can really do what I want to do and write, and write some more, with the emphasis on being a better, stronger writer, who writes from the ordinary and every so often makes it sacred.