Rainbow Nation-Finding Our Voices and Using Them!

Rainbow Nation

Well it is time now that Rainbow Nation is a reality to get into some of the things we as members can do that better ourselves and better things for the group.

We all have voices and we all need to learn to use them at different times and in different ways in our own lives.

I know for me I didn’t really find any voice of my own until I started blogging regularly in May 2016. Prior to that I was well-intentioned but never really expressed my feelings of any sort of importance with anyone including those closest to me.

I got involved for the second time in politics this summer when I took a position with the Clinton Campaign for two semesters out of my schooling.

I learned how important as a minority using my voice was and I specifically learned to speak up to politicians along the way both with those I was in agreement with and those I wasn’t in agreement with as well.

Blogging has really inspired my voice in so many ways. I learned the power of using a voice to an audience can be costly as I learned the hard way writing about politics and my positions was not what my readership wanted from me as a blogger. I did learn that I had an audience however, and on a few occasions I spoke about what really mattered to me in this election. I chose my words carefully and I spoke only a few times.

Now with my friend and co-founder of Rainbow Nation, Michelle Candela, our Facebook group that is standing to fight for equality for all minorities especially the LGBTQIA community and the transgender community who is without any rights or anti-discrimination protection, we are learning a whole new way of using our voices to collectively speech as a group of like-minded individuals and find the politicians in Washington, DC who stand united with us to call via phone or by letter to let them know we are here and we desperately need their support and help.

I urge you, as a member of Rainbow Nation or not to find your voice and use it to make it a difference. One voice is not nearly as powerful as a collective so I invite anyone who believes in the mission of Rainbow Nation to join through Facebook and help us collectively make ourselves heard and yes make a difference in this new world we are waking up to.

I want to believe in a greater country but I don’t believe it is going to happen with president elect Trump and his worst nightmare cabinet.

Thank you if you are a member! You have taken an important step and now it is time as a group we call and we correspond with those with the power to make the changes we so desperately are seeking.

You have nothing to lose by joining our group, Rainbow Nation, and everything to gain where you will meet and interact with like-minded peaceful people who care about equality for all and anti-discrimination protection for everyone.

I hope you will consider and for those that are members keep an eye out for the master list of numbers you can call to have your voice heard,

Thank you and let’s start this new year with hope and promise for betterment for all of us and not dread and fear with which we live with daily right now.

Corey Britton and Michelle Candela and the entire Rainbow Nation