Dare 2 Dream

As I mentioned in an earlier post I watched Dead Poet’s Society with my daughter Bella on Saturday.

In it Robin Williams plays an English teacher at a boarding school where he challenges his students on multiple levels “to dream.”  Sounds simple enough but it really isn’t in the world and society we live in.

We are born with expectations from forces of all sorts coming at us fast and furiously from birth until we die.

We assume as young children that our parents and other loved ones know what is right and best for us so we struggle with our own authentic truth and thus dreams from a very early age.

We may or may not dare to dream as we get older. I am not overlooking that every little kid wants to be something when they grown up. It is just that that phase is transient for most and we haven’t experienced enough of the world at that early age to be able to dream of endless possibilities.

We then get to our teens and our authentic self tries to begin to emerge through our personas. Depending on your life’s experience and the influences on your life and being up until that point you may break free from some of society’s trappings or you might just aimlessly rebel.

No matter what a struggle begins to brew and it will undoubtedly last most of your life time if you haven’t the strength to fight the forces telling you, convincing you, along with practicality working against you to follow your dreams.

For some your dreams are going to be practical and society will embrace your dreams as you follow them to fruition. I see with say someone who wants to be a doctor rather than a poet.

But I am talking to the people who are the artists, and the actors and the rock band people. You need to follow your dreams it is the essence of your spirit and you will live a lifeless life without pursing those dreams.

You always have tomorrow to be practical or do the more conventional things. While you are young and not jaded and beaten down hopefully- you need to pursue your dreams.

Dream big! Dream far and wide! Try everything even if it isn’t what society or your parents are pushing you or paying for you to do. When someone pays for something you are interested in, it isn’t a gift or special. They are paying for you to do what they want you to do.

Dare to dream, let yourself go of the standard routines and roads more travelled. Go live your life where you feel alive!