Maniacal Musings: Sunday Morning Pondering in Miami

Watching sweet Stephanie sleep. WE had an awesome and amazing time out in Little Havana last night and then did the club scene. We are not club people unless we are in NYC and then I don’t sleep and I go to bed at like 8 am on Sunday morning. This wasn’t quite that crazy but we met a lot of cool people and the fashion was out of this world. I was instantly reminded why i love the city so much.

Stephanie looked fabulous in her little black dress, with only one shoulder strap. I picked it out for her when we were in NYC the last time. I was every Euro-trash in mono-chromatic grey with slacks and a shirt with french cuffs. I also wore a Rolodex (platinum) and my Lokai clear bracelet that Bella bought me. I am totally into the Lokai brand and symbolism and i have their limited edition ocean bracelet and their water bracelet. I have seen them on so many famous people it is kind of crazy. It is a phenomena that started and spread like wildfire.  I also wore my shoes I got in Rome that are a slip on but not too clunky. As always I had my chain with my platinum cross and my sterling silver medallion with the Our Father inscribed in Latin. Stephanie wore bare legs, kick-ass shoes we got in the City and on the arm that was sleeveless she wore a sterling silver cuff around her wrist. She was one of the best fashion statements of the night!Our outfits, jewelry, and shoes really complimented each other. WE had our picture taken so many times but Stephanie is shy about posting on Facebook. Hopefully she will overcome that and I can start posting pictures soon.

Today we will make our way back to Melbourne for some time on the beach and maybe dinner out with my parents. We are ready to come home-not go back to real life but be home together with the pug, Julia Bleu who is going to be crazier than a loon when we pick her up!

We fly home at like 6:15 am in the morning and we have to get the pug by noon or pay an extra day. Between doggy daycare and kennel costs she has racked up quite the bill at the dog place.

I can’t imagine what the ride home is going to look like with Julia Bleu! Crazy pug!

Breakfast is here and looks so fabulous! Stephanie is still asleep, I have the ring to get engaged and I feel this would be a perfect moment but I have to respect her wishes to go it closer to home.

It is a shame this is super perfect.

I will wake her up at 10 am for breakfast we have a 1:30 pm check out. So I am sure there will be some U-Me time, LOL!!

I want the world and my readers to know just how special Stephanie is to me. I have dated a ton of beautiful great girls, models, playboy centerfolds, Maxim cover girls, but nobody comes close to Stephanie is starting to stir so that means  I am wanted in bed! I am such a cuddle bug and so is Stephanie. I am going to finish this post as i haven’t posted as much as i planned on doing while in Melbourne Beach. Stephanie  just went back to sleep so I am fine for a little while.

I think it is really funny how I put it out to the Universe that all I wanted was to find one sea hamburger and I found two and gave the extra one to my sister Lisa. So I have the one I found on my second day here. I actually found both of my sea hamburgers on the same day!

I am laughing to myself because I guess you get what you ask for!!

This morning we will have room service for breakfast since we have an ocean side view and do not to get dressed for breakfast. We might hit some stores at lunch but not sure as we have a long drive back and have to figure out dinner with my parents and tomorrow as we prepare  to head back to Orlando. I love the Orlando International airport where we are staying tomorrow night as there are many high end shops there and awesome spa services that after a week plus on the beach we could use.

I am going to order breakfast in the next bit and have it all here in the room when Stephanie wakes up. I think it will surprise her and make her happy.  I will ask for flowers to be added to the cart and get her her favorite lox and bagel with cream cheese. Fresh coffee and orange juice and eggs I think will make a great breakfast for the two of us.

I realized last night just how lucky I am to have Stephanie as my wife to be and my girl forever in a day! She is such a stunner and she is brilliant and does very well as a dentist in Portsmouth. I hope once we get married and start our family she will take a break from work, but it is all up to her.

I am going to continue working on my PhD as a full time student and we will get engaged and work on getting married although that is really up to Stephanie.

I want the world and my readers to know that i have dated beautiful great girls,. Some have been models, a few playboy centerfolds, and a couple Maxim cover girls, and none of them have a thing on my Stephanie. She thinks i am a catch, yes yesterday’s dinner, she is the real gem, and I just want to show her in all ways possible.

Time to go wake her up and get ready for a most romantic breakfast. We have candles and a packet of matches to light them. i am going to wake up my sweet love the only way i know how and have a romantic breakfast with her. Hopefully she will allow me to post a picture of us soon.