U-ME Getting Engaged-Holidays and Year of 2016 End on Great Swing!

I am so looking forward to tonight! It has been days since Stephanie and I have been able to be a real couple as we have had my Bella, and we are not anything more than friends with each other when Bella is around.

I had Bella after school until it was time for swim practice and then we headed to the pool and my ex-wife will pick her up at 6 pm and keep her as she hasn’t seen anything of Bella since Sunday really. I love having Bella but it was a lot for Stephanie and I as we had some major talking to do about our lives and last night I sprung it on her about getting engaged this weekend while Bella is away with her swim team to an away meet.

Stephanie and I have texted today which we never do, and we are both extremely excited to talk about the engagement and then moving in together. I sprung this weekend on her last night while Bella was asleep and we haven’t had U-ME time to sit together and talk, although Stephanie definitely wants to get engaged this weekend. If we don’t do it this weekend we would have to wait until New Years Eve and we don’t want our engagement to be New Years Eve. Tomorrow we are out at Bella’s band and chorus holiday concert so tonight is the only time we have to talk about getting engaged this weekend. Stephanie is so excited and so am I-although I have to come up with the engagement setting and plan and surprise Stephanie. I have had the ring in my safe for months now, and I can not wait to give it to her, and see what I hope will be happy tears. I tried really hard in designing this ring to show Stephanie and the world just how much she means to me. I am going for the WOW factor for sure on this one. I am so happy yet scared about getting engaged and getting married again. I am divorced because I wasn’t a good partner although I really tried. I pray I have been through enough therapy to be a great partner and take Stephanie and her needs into consideration always, and know now it is not the same as not being engaged. This changes everything and a lot actually just between Stephanie and I. There is less of just Corey and more of Corey and Stephanie. I have to ask her if I get to keep my study and have a similar space when we move to the ocean. I have really gotten accustomed to the study- I think as long as I can have my study I am fine with whatever else she wants to change and we are not moving into my old bedroom we are moving into the biggest room in the house that is currently empty. I need to call painters tomorrow and see if anyone can paint the room over the weekend while we are away.

I don’t think it makes much sense to try to rush the move although I know she really wants to be here. I have stuff to move to storage and I will be having surgery in the next couple of weeks. We have picked out our bedroom set at Ethan Allen and need to place the order and get it delivered as soon as possible. I think waiting until after the New Year makes the most sense but once we tell my ex wife and Bella my divorce allows for third parties as long as marriage is impending. Meaning, we will be able to be a couple in front of Bella and share a bedroom and all that because we are in engaged. Stephanie knows about this somewhat but I think me spelling it out will really help her with a move in date after the holidays. We will put a rush on our furniture order and we have picked out the colors of our new bedroom and sort of the theme. Stephanie did meet me half way and I don’t feel it is too girlie. I am giving up my room now that is currently all industrial and moving towards more grown up and classy styles with simple and modern lines.

I am making Stephanie stuffed shells I made for Bella last night. I am almost done getting it ready for her and I believe after such late nights and I have a foot appointment with the surgeon tomorrow at 1:30pm so I bet we eat, get ready for bed, and go lay down to talk and talk about our future. I will be very busy tomorrow making plans for our get away and the engagement, going to my doctor’s appointment, and then we have to be at Bella’s school no later than 6:45pm. The concert starts at 7 pm.

I am so looking forward to tonight and have a bottle of Perrier Jouet I will probably open for us to have a celebratory toast to and hold my breath for the next couple of days. I have so much to do, and the engagement is all on me as I would never have it any other way.

I will write all the details after Friday and I know Stephanie will not be reading the blog until we get back either Sunday night or Monday morning. I think we will both want to come home and make phone calls on Sunday night and I have so much with school and with my personal finances to get in order before Tuesday is over for sure.

I hear her now coming into the house and saying hello! I am off to finish her dinner and get ready for a dream I never imagined would come true. I never thought she would like me-never mind, marry me, and I didn’t think I would risk what we had as best friends for the entire package. A year ago my life was so different and I was so unhappy and out of my element with that damn junkie in my life. Those days are long over, and I don’t think about the junkie except for when I think I was with the junkie and now I have this beautiful and brilliant woman who loves me to death and I feel it and know her feelings to be true.

I will be back to write during the maniac’s hours about our night and our plans for the next month or so. I think we are just both over the moon with sharing tonight and making out loose plans for the move , etc.

I will be back within hours and finish this blog. Have a wonderful night and enjoy my friends! *****

Well last night was awesome and Stephanie and I got most of the things we needed to resolved and have a pretty structured plan for the future. She came home and I was finishing up the stuffed shells for her, and she came in where I left off on this post.

We ate dinner and talked right from the get go. She definitely wants to get engaged this weekend if it all a possibility. I can now say after early morning phone calls and making arrangements it is a possibility and is going to happen for sure.  I was able to make the plans I was hoping for and just made it by the skin of my teeth. They were very close to being sold out but suites were still available. I can’t say anything more until tomorrow when I know Stephanie is not going to read this.

After dinner, as I called it, we got ready for bed and headed to bed to snuggle and talk about the entire holiday season and our plans. Stephanie agreed although she wishes it were different, that moving in together has to wait until after the New Year. She wanted really badly to be living together before the holidays were over, but we can’t do it and enjoy the holidays, and get the new bedroom hooked up in time. I called painters and I am waiting for a confirmation on getting the room painted this weekend. We have to go to Home Depot after Stephanie gets out of  work to pick up the colors and tape for our room. We are using three colors two on the wall and one on the trim around the windows and all the doors. I need to tape the design and hopefully one of the painters can drop by tomorrow so I can explain what should be painted with the right color. The design is pretty cool, I have done a lot of them from straight bands to complicated designs in Bella’s room here. I will tape it tonight after the concert and Stephanie says she wants to watch and learn how to do it. It should be really easy for the painters, as the tape guides them completely with the design.

I am so psyched I was able to get the plans I wanted for this weekend. I know it isn’t a surprise but Stephanie will be surprised with the plan and the events and hopefully blown away with the ring. I can’t forget the ring! I am now all set with my calls, and after the painters call back everything will be in place for this weekend. I called to order the bedroom set and it will be available for delivery and set up in ten days. Everything is moving along just really well.

I need to leave the house at 12:30pm for my surgeon’s appointment for my bunion on my right foot. Right now I am awaiting a surgery date on my right hand so the surgeon can fuse my thumb joint. He told me this would not be pleasant so hopefully I will take my pain medication and not be too miserable.

Just got a call and my appointment today has been rescheduled which given the impending surgery on my right thumb isn’t a bad thing. I just rescheduled it for the New Year as I will still be coming out of the fusion surgery with my thumb. I have to get as much Christmas stuff done as soon as possible because I will be probably having my surgery around the middle of this month.

Okay was cleaning out my bedroom closet while Stephanie was at work because I knew I had thrown stuff in there but I wasn’t sure what or whom it belongs to…..I found amongst other miscellaneous items that don’t belong to me three size 34C bras-obviously not mine and I know not Stephanie’s. What was I thinking? I wasn’t obviously. I used to keep a bra as a souvenir but that was a long time ago. I have purposefully kept one vodka bottle in a burlap bag with one red hot bra 34D and I do know whom that belongs to and that is why I kept it-I did show it to Stephanie and told her the whole story but really I don’t think she needs to see or find these meaningless bras in my closet. I have a pictorial collection from a playboy centerfold I dated that are all signed with messages to me….Stephanie isn’t happy about it but I think for now if I put it into storage I will at least buy some time to come to terms with giving it up-it is just the fact that I dated a playboy centerfold and as I write I realize how seriously ridiculous I am and at forty I need to grow up. I really get it but I just turned forty so a little bit of a break, no?

Stephanie and I are going to rent a storage unit and before I have my surgery move the things out of my place that are going to storage. Since Stephanie is putting most of her stuff in storage she will have movers do it and can bring the rest over I believe without much help. The painters are coming this weekend while we are away, and the furniture sans mattress will be here in a little over a week. We have to pick out and shop for a new queen size mattress that will fit up flights of stairs.  I am glad I took a once over look at my room and spared poor Stephanie the angst of bras I don’t even know whom they belong to which makes the bras even more of a problem for me really! Omg, I will tell her about them tonight as we keep no secrets and well yes she does read my blogs I think. That is not the only reason I am telling her-I think it is her right to know but I am really glad she didn’t find them and I was able to toss them. Somethings still sting and I was not easy for Stephanie when I was out being crazy with God knows who and since none of them matter at all-not even a friendship I want to salvage as it was just plain bad fun and I am in love, getting engaged and moving in with my fiancée really soon.

I am already dressed for tonight’s concert and I have khakis on with a gray cashmere sweater with my safety pin for any of you in the know. If you don’t know about wearing a safety pin I am pretty sure you don’t need to know because those who know, know its importance……

I have lit my afternoon candle and put electric candles in the windows in the kitchen. I am just needing to finish eating my leftover shells and take care of Julia Bleu who will be very surprised when I leave her tonight.

Well that is all the 411 on U-ME. I had a very productive day and I will post this as I am not sure how much blogging I will get in between tomorrow and Sunday. I will be asking Stephanie to be my wife for life. I pray with my heart she says yes and makes my dream come true. She is such a stellar and beautiful woman from the outside to the inside. Feeling very blessed this holiday season. Looking forward to the concert tonight where there will be sing a long carols which we both love.