Forever Young

We hear things all the time like age is number or you are only as old as you feel. I think these statements bear some true on many levels.

I grew up with a childhood that I have long since buried and moved on. I wasn’t able to be a kid, play, be silly, goof off, or “just be.” I had a father who saw to it that I missed every great part of being a kid. As a result to get through those times when I wasn’t sure I was even going to live, I made a promise to myself. If I lived through my father’s torture I would stay a kid forever and never grow up.

I have kept this promise and I will be 40 in October. Between my playful personality and young looks people always card me and think I am in my twenties.

I hang out with my daughter’s friends parents and I am like they are so old it it’s ridiculous. You have to laugh, live, and have a good time. Of course I am a true adult to my daughter, and I excelled in the investment world while I worked. Now I am back in school, working on my PhD. That gives me lots of opportunities to be as young as I want to be. I am not mature, but carry on very intellectual conversations, its just not what I want to do with my entire life. I live on the beach and try to make everything fun and memorable. Too many people take themselves too seriously and they are old before their time.

It depresses me to see people around 40. I start to get all panicked and worried I am getting old. I prefer to laugh as much as possible, there are enough serious and sad things in the world already. I don’t wear clothes that my daughters friends parents wear. Why would I want to dress like my parents? I am a flip flop and shorts with tee-shirt person at least three seasons out of the year. Think about how miserable most people are, they are not grateful or thankful and see nothing good in their lives. Not the life for me no matter my age, in fact with turning 40, I am all done with celebrating a number. I am just happy to still be around.

I believe there are some miserable people that don’t realize how good their lives are, and they need a near death experience ( a figure of speech) to awaken them to the very goodness in their lives. I believe that having a child keeps you so young at heart in so many ways. You get to live another childhood as they live theirs. Please you stay hip to the latest things, memes, you name it. No my daughter and I have a very strong parent-child relationship, but we enjoy bringing new things to one another’s attention. I don’t often spring on her something she doesn’t already know, but recently I scored a couple of big ones. All well in fun and play.

So don’t grow up before you have to, and avoid becoming a total grown up always.

There are times to be mature and act your age, but there are just as many moments to slip back, be young at heart and realize once again why this is such a wonderful life.