Trump’s Slump

Anyone following the Don these past two weeks has got to be a bit surprised by the gaffes made by this presidential candidate.

Yesterday he was on the attack but it was against the media not Clinton, like GOP strategists have told the Don to focus.

He can’t help himself.  He is at war with CNN over a report filed and aired by CNN that the secret service spoke to the Don about his second amendment comments.  The Don emphatically tweeted that the slumping news organization CNN had it all wrong. The secret service will not comment on whether they spoke to the Don regarding his inciting rhetoric regarding Clinton and the Supreme Court and bringing in the topic of the second amendment stating, “It would be a horrible day.”

The Don is especially angry with the media’s coverage of his gaffes while he complains the media is not showing his rallies and the support he has.

Blaming and focusing on anything but Clinton at this point is pure ludicrous behavior coming from Trump. He failed to seize on the new release of emails last week perhaps tying Clinton and her role of Secretary of State to the Clinton Foundation.  Don can’t afford to miss these moments to attack Clinton but he can’t help himself when he is all worked up over media coverage of himself.

He has stated the media is blowing his words out of proportion to make a story while Clinton pommelled him with  a stern message on words and how they really matter. Why the Don didn’t run with the Clinton email story is beside anyone’s logical opinion.

Over 50 GOP candidates for the fall election have voiced their concern over Trump and like in 1996  when the GOP gave up on Bob Dole to save their asses elsewhere it looks like with 3 months out to the election and presidential debates coming up the Don may not have much support left from his own party.

On top of this is the increasing ebb of Don’s voter base. Millennials are now favoring Clinton and Sander’s supporters which the Don had said would come to him and not Clinton isn’t happening.  Appropriately 56 % of Sanders supporters are planning on voting for Clinton. The Millennials favor a democratic platform and are not in favor of Trump although both candidates remain widely unlikable in the Millennial survey.

After last week, where the  Don didn’t stay on his party’s message which is attack Clinton and focus on the economy, he created all sorts of self-inflicted injury to himself that not even Clinton had a thing to do with-she seized on every gaffe of the Don’s and drove home the point that the Don is unfit to be president.

On Monday, the Don is supposed to unveil a detailed plan at combating ISIS. Let’s see how this goes.

Oh and the Don’s tax returns? While being urged by fellow Republicans to release his tax returns the Don has insisted he won’t because he is under audit. The same held true for Nixon and he still shared his tax returns.  Wherever the Don can get an edge up he doesn’t seize the moment. Warren Buffet challenged Trump to release his tax returns and said if Trump does it so will Buffet!

Now there is a mass exodus from Trump by way of supporters and Clinton widened the poll numbers this week even with her controversial email issues. Fortunately I hope the Don is in control of himself because if he is he can change his persona and stance at any given moment. After multiple meetings with the GOP on his presidential bid, and promises he would tone himself down and get with it, the Don has publicly conceded he is either going to win the presidency with his current persona or he will have a very long vacation he stated.

It is too bad, but personally I don’t think the Don can control himself when set off by something. He takes things much too personally and his response is always way over the top and out of bounds. Best for all of us if Don stays true. At least  he isn’t thus far putting on a show to get into the White House where he then can unleash himself at the country and the world. I guess for that I give him credit. Hey I am looking to help this poor guy out. I am just adamant that there is no way in the world he can be trusted with our nation’s nuclear codes!