Last Night-Rain and My Pug

The sky was angry without stars, and clouds accumulating in the heavens above.

A wintery rain was posted for the maniac’s hours and I huddled in my bed, covered in layers in layers of blankets, and a fury warm body.  We huddled close, as close as we could be, and both drifted off to a mediocre  night’s slumber, as the impending winds started to swirl around, and rain was surely going to pelt the ground.

I awoke at 1:45 am, much to my meddlesome fury warm body, that was my pug, huddled closer until she lay directly upon me.

I was unable to fall into a brand new slumber, as side wards pelleting rain, tapped on so gently on my window above my bed.

I looked out and all I could see, was my reflection of the pug staring back at me. She wasn’t happy, as she new me too well, and new I was up for a long, night’s spell. I tried as I might to readjust amongst the layers in my bed, but got frustrated with the pug, now creeping up on my head.

I finally had had enough, off came the covers, and I stood in the rough. I hadn’t decided upon what to do.

Go to the store because I was hungry, or delve back into the bed in a hurry. I opted for my stomach as it was a growling, and headed out into the storm that was howling.

I took my pug, very reluctantly, as she knows without a doubt when the weather is grumpy. I donned her leash and gave her leash a tug, the pug, as you know can be give a swift tug.

Down the stairs of the porch we flew, with my pug, Julia Bleu leading the way.

Determined was she to get out of the weather, and she dodged every puddle with the lightness of a feather.

We arrived at the store, and Julia Bleu would have not a moment more, of braving the rain which we both thought at this point was rather insane.

What was I thinking, bringing us out in this weather, cold, wet, and wind, not weather for a fury pet.

I hoped she would forgive me once we were home, and I toweled her dry, and stop her from shivering, with her drenched bug eyes.

She raveled indeed at the sight and feel of the warm towel. I had made the wrong call taking us out in the storm.

We ate our food, fast and furious, and Julia Bleu looked at me perplexed and curious….

Were we headed back to bed, Julia Bleu’s eyes were filled with hope and dread.

It would be like me to stay awake until the morning, but the storm took the swell out of the early morning I wanted to make.

So under the covers we arrived once again, and we both looked at each other like this is where we should have been.

We were wet, but too cold and raw to get changed, we huddled together as we shivered and our bodies panged.

Did I learn my lesson? Oh hell not so! I would be right back out there ready to go.

With a stomach still growling, as the wind was howling, Julia Bleu looked at me and spoke OH NO!

Don’t you dare take me out in that nasty weather, she groaned, grunted and gave me her best pout.

I fantasized about the balmy summer weather, and knew it was along way off in the distance. A distance so far, I could hardly imagine, Julia Bleu and I walking out in balmy weather.

But alas soon as it will appear, my pug and I will be out walking without a care.

For now, we must get through this grueling weather and cold, and dress warmly and forge out with all the muster we can bold.

We are last warm and somewhat dry, as can be, and I pray to the angry sky for sunshine to pass this wretched storm.