U-ME Our First Date Of The Rest of Lives

We came back early from the beach to get ready for our special dinner reservations. We both had a couple of drinks at the T-dance on the way back from the beach.

I took the upstairs bathroom and Stephanie took the one downstairs.  We both took showers and had just enough time so we didn’t have to rush. We had the music on it was looped to the that song called “Happy.”  I had bought some new shorts and a new blue shirt. I even brought cologne. I got my hair cut just before we left so I was easily able to style the way I wanted and the way Stephanie liked it. I called the front desk to confirm the roses would be delivered when we were at dinner.

Finally I stepped out of the bathroom all set to go but pretty sure Stephanie would need more time. I found my brand new selfie stick and hooked up my camera to it so I could capture us before we headed out. I asked Stephanie how she was doing? She said she needed only five more minutes! I started getting nervous this was a line once crossed it is crossed for ever. I asked if I could come down stairs. She said yes, and closed the bathroom door.

Stephanie stepped out of the bathroom and my jaw just dropped. I obviously  hadn’t ever seen her dressed up for a date. She looked stunning, no stunning doesn’t even cut it. She was achingly beautiful, her hair , her make-up, her white high cut dress she looked perfectly poured into. I think my surprise caught her attention. Before I could tell her how fabulous she looked, she said she loved my outfit .She said she was going out with the most stylish person. I said to her we have ten minutes do you want to take selfies of us and our big date? She was so excited by the idea of us taking our picture together-so was I for sure and I knew we were  both photogenic so the pictures should look pretty good. We took like 6 different pictures and realized we had only 5 minutes to get to our reservations.

I grabbed a blanket incase we ended up spending time at the beach. We jumped into the car and drove the short distance to the restaurant. It was packed and the ambience was sheer sensual elegance I don’t think there was a couple there who wasn’t madly in love. We got to the table and I had requested a water view table. We sat down and smiled at one another. Stephanie said, “I really can’t believe we are here.” I said, ” I can’t believe we are here in the sense of the big here.” “That too,” she said. The wait staff came over to offer us drinks. We both ordered kettle one with sprite and extra lime. Her hand was splayed out and I could reach it. I touched it gently finally holding it and looked her in the eyes, I told her,” I love you and I am not going to change my mind.” She instantly started to cry I didn’t mean for that to happen! She is very emotional but not when it comes to these things or so I thought. She looked at me with her beautiful eyes and said, “I have loved you for so long Corey, this night would be perfect if this was just ii” The wait staff returned with our drinks and we confessed we hadn’t looked at the menu and needed a couple of minutes.

We decided to order the lobster pie. That was easy and I was on cloud nine I really hoped Stephanie was happy. We talked about a lot of things in between the soup and salad courses. We talked of our living situation. We both owned our own places but she basically lived at mine. I told her I had a rule, which was the truth. I couldn’t live with anybody until we were engaged. Being funny I think, she looked at me and said, “Will you marry me?” “Of course it is a sealed deal, ” I replied. Our conversation went around the world and we were completely lost in one another for the very first time. Dinner came it was beautiful and delicious but neither one of us ate very much. It wasn’t the type of place to ask for a doggy bag. We shared a desert of strawberry shortcake. It was good, I hardly was aware  I had really eaten tonight with Stephanie. My anorexia was way out mf my head right now. We lastly ordered Baily’s cordials for the hopeful trip to the beach. I wasn’t nervous at all, it felt so right and we had waited so long it was really a magical moment. Stephanie surprised me, she asked a guy if he would take our picture. He said yes and Stephanie grabbed my hand the guy snapped the picture and we thanked him very much. We paid the bill and finished off our Baily’s. We made our way outside. “Do you want to go to the beach for a walk or lay on a blanket and watch the stars? She said, “Yes lets take the blanket and look at the stars. We held hands on he car ride to the beach. I rested our hands upon her thigh I was getting bold and she didn’t flinch.

We got to the beach and there were some people right there so we walked a little ways further. We found some dry sand and laid out the blanket we took off our shoes and both sat down right beside each other. I grabbed her hand and I kissed her check, she caught me way off guard, she took my face into her hands, and kissed me so softly but so deep. I was really seeing stars. I told her that was my best kiss ever and she told me that for her I was the only one she ever kissed and for sure the only person she ever loved. I said, Come on you have kissed other people!” She said, “Not that way never wanting to kiss someone so bad that she grabbed their face.” I said feel free to do that whenever you want. No need to ask permission for that. I asked her if she wanted to lay back and look up at the stars? She said yes but she was getting cold. I said just one minute and while we are here I will keep you warm. We laid down closely to one another, holding hands instantly, she turned and looked at me and I gave her my first real Corey kiss. She bit her bottom lip and said, “Where did you learn to kiss like that? I probably don’t want to know.” I told her it was a special kiss that only a few people brought out but she got the very best on-all of me was inside of it. I held her close because I knew she was cold. I kissed her on the head and told we should go it was starting to get really chilly. We walked back holding hands, being silly, in finally in love for us to experience and the world to see.

We got to the suite and I wondered if the roses had been delivered. She opened the door and stop dead in her tracks. I got a look at the place, it looked magical with all the roses everywhere. She turned and gave me another great kiss and we hugged a long time. She had tears in her eyes and said thank you. Tonight was a dream come true for her. I said, “Its a dream come true for me as well.”

I put on the music and got out the champagne and found two flutes. I poured the bubbly and went down to sit next to her on the loveseat. We held up our glasses for a toast, she went first, and said, “Here’s to best friends who spend their lives together. I toasted to loving her forever as my wife some day and this all one big dream come true! We put aside our glasses and kissed again, this one was long and soft. We then drank our champagne and talked about both being tired.

I asked as I knew we said tonight would be  our night and it surely had been but did she want to wait on the other part since this was a lot emotionally and physically. She said she wanted to be with me so bad, but she was tired and maybe waiting another night wasn’t such a bad idea. She made me promise I would truly snuggled her. I laughed and said yes, we both hit the bathrooms to get ready for bed.

I was the first one in the bed, when I saw Stephanie I almost died. She had on the sexiest nightgown. I had never seen her in anything like that before. She got into bed and we immediately sucked up to one another. Our bodies were touching in a magically new way. We kissed and we talked and we kissed a lot more. I held her hand and this time I put my head on her chest. I was going crazy inside I couldn’t believe we were these close together. We kissed good night and she put her leg over my body. I don’t think we could have gotten any more closer.