450 Species Have Homosexuality -Only One Has Homophobia

we as a culture didn’t want to see gay people getting married, or having the same rights as straight people.

we praised in our evangelical  churches when 50 people got murdered for who they loved.

we fought hard to fire gay teachers from our schools and our children, because we thought gay people were pedophiles.

we turned the other cheek, and looked the other way when gay people got beat up and murdered in the streets for who they loved.

we applauded states that didn’t pass equality for people just because of who WE loved.

we did not stand up and fight as a nation to protect jobs from people who love differently.

we did not approve of Gay Pride, because we never understood what Gay Pride was all about.

we hold those 50 dead people in the palms of our hands.

If we do not stop this hatred we will be holding hundreds more. we may think it is a good thing.

we made the signs that justified the killings using OUR God to say God punished WE the sinners.

Well there are two sets of we-WE. we who are responsible for the inhumane treatment and intolerant behavior above.

The other WE has put up with this before and ALL OUR ALLIES who support us. It will be war we will regret. God, WE God. we God. OUR GOD; doesn’t appease hate in any shape or form.

So WE will take back what is ours, and hold we accountable for those who died, and for those who may still die at the fate of your hands and hearts.

WE will not be undermined. God created us all to love one another.

WE won’t hate you or try to hurt we. God didn’t intend for us to act this way.

WE will go on this very weekend, To Gay Prides and not be afraid.

WE will march, sing, dance in the streets. Get used to it, because the Supreme Court did not go far enough, and we who applauded these killings, will not go unnoticed to the world.

WE will be sure that the government holds we accountable for being happy and applauding senseless murder in the same breath.

WE will still be out at gay bars.  Celebrating and loving those WE love.

we CAN COME BY AND KILL US.  we can be another hater who kills for love.

WE promise we God will not forget, that WE always loved we even when we were happy WE were dead or the promise of death was on our very doorstep- Like it is right now.

WE are glad to hear your hate. WE will be not make this mistake twice. WE will love who WE love, and in the end you’ll  just have to live to be a Hater in this society or even worse be ANOTHER murderer for LOVE.

450 species have homosexuality, only one has homophobia.