Right now I don’t feel a thing in my body……today I tried to take a shower with a broken leg and ended up head first in the shower where I broke my tibia and smashed my knee cap.

I can’t drive, Stephanie wasn’t home she was at work so I took a cab. I knew it was bad, not quite sure exactly what I planned. I was hot and sweaty and knew I would see my orthopedic surgeon tomorrow at 11:20 am to review my MRI and talk about surgery and I thought I should probably take a shower for Stephanie and Dr. Thut…..didn’t go according to plans. I am high as kite and have a bottle of pills I can’t imagine taking even one honestly.

Thank God for Stephanie she picked me up at the ER and brought me to the pharmacy. I don’t know what she really thinks, but she is so kind and hot-what a combination she is a stunner with a brain who is a very good girl. I got really lucky but I have to get myself together rather quickly I don’t want to spook her. She says it is impossible but I don’t want to take any chances with such a stellar girl on the outside as well as the inside too.

Going to lay down in this heat-I cant eat anything and I feeling itchy from the medication. Oh thank God for this euphoria when I come down it is going to be misery and I will cry just like a baby no shit really!

I am so AMPED up I wish this was a possible choice of feelings every day. I wouldn’t always chose it but right now I don’t have to worry I need them or I will feel true pain insane boneshearing pain like two of your bones grinding together-uncool. Forget that thought!

I am done for a bit I need to close my eyes and ride this out for a while. I think I will get Stephanie to come snuggle with me and watch the Olympics until we get real and go to that majikal place we seem to find together…..I am hoping she isn’t too hot, the AC is running but the humidity is killing us and my dog, Julia Bleu.

I will be back with some prophetic writing about now and what it means. Now means for me to lay  down and convince Stephanie to dance in the middle of the fire – we won’t get burned we are the fire ourselves. Check out #HECTIC later on. Feel a little sympathy for me really!