Not Just Another Day part 2

Yesterday I posted about my orthopedic surgeon’s appointment I had at 1:20 pm yesterday and how it was a game changer with lots of unknowns.

Well I met with the doctor and he was initially confused why I was seeing him and not my regular surgeon.

I told him the whole sordid story and how a fill in doctor set me up with him as this new doctor did a couple of surgical procedures that my first doctor supposedly did not due.

Well for starters, that wasn’t true. Both doctors do all the same procedures. So why I got switched by the fill in doctor seems to be a mystery to everyone. Suffice it to say, he was cautious at first, but I was bound and determined to have him deal with me and get surgery scheduled.

We talked about both legs that both require surgeries. My left leg, my “good” leg requires a surgery that will have me back in a month. We obviously decided to start there and they are working on scheduling the surgery date now.

My bad leg, the one that needs MAJOR orthopedic surgery I found out yesterday, will be dealt with after the good leg is healed.

I was taken back at the severity of the surgery for the bad leg. You know it is really bad when an experienced surgeon tells you this is a MAJOR procedure with a lengthy recovery. I just let it roll off of me instead of dealing with it as I just need to get my good leg fixed asap and take everything one step at a time.

The surgery on my “good” leg requires either repairing the tears or cutting away the torn parts. I know that a repair would be optimal but because I am turning forty they are going with the cutting surgery because the likelihood at my age that the repair would work is very low. That was a bit disappointing and my first experience with having an age-related decision not be favorable.

I went into the appointment nervous but with my sword down. I needed this surgeon to help me and I know how I ended up with him was convoluted. I was  pushing when it came time to making the surgery date. I let him know without any hesitation that if I could have the surgery today I would as that is how desperate I am to get to well or better.

His demeanor was good, and he quickly recovered from how I ended up in his office, which was truly a gift. I mean the other knee surgeon has already operated on my leg and I have been seeing him since my initial injury in late April. Essentially yesterday I switched surgeons I guess for no really good reason.

I trust this new surgeon and he is more aggressive in getting me to well or better than the first surgeon.

Hopefully I will hear from his surgery coordinator today or at the latest by Tuesday and have a surgery date scheduled immediately.

Next is the hand surgeon on September 7, 2016 and I really don’t know what to do about my impending thumb reconstruction. I mean after some more thought I think I have to wait and truly defer to the hand surgeon. It is my hand for gosh sakes and I don’t want to lose any function or mobility.

So that is where things stand and are at the moment. I pray this first surgery is done next week and the healing of my broke-down body can begin.