Three Hundred Posts-Reason to Believe


I committed to writing a blog on May 1st, 2016. Today, earlier this morning I wrote my 300th post!

I have said if I could make it to 300 posts on my blog I would be for real.

I have written at least 2 posts a day since May 1st and only missed writing on a Saturday and Sunday about a month ago when I went through a blip of Adderall withdrawal.

I haven’t missed a day beyond those two days.

It didn’t start out pretty, my posts were barely readable, but my readers kept reading and that truly inspired me to write.

I now have a large following growing by the day and I have a special group of people following my anorexia story. I still owe you a post today.

This has been hard, challenging all the time, and taken a huge commitment on my behalf. People have told me for years I should blog and I would start and never follow through like I have this time. This is the real deal. Getting my first 1000 readers was a big deal, and I know with the magical 500th post 199 posts away I GOT this.

I am so grateful for the gift of steadfastness I have shown myself and others. I hear all the time that a person is going to blog and they might for awhile but not so many maintain it. I have come across abandoned blogs all the time and I don’t want one of those to be me.

There has been a real silver lining in my actually two blogs I write, but this is my main one and the 300 posts are from this site alone.

I have had a steep learning curve and I am forever grateful to my readers in the first few months who read through my typos or wordiness at times. I am no where, I want to be as a writer, but blogging every single day seven days a week has in itself made me a better writer. I am harsh and very critical but I have met fellow bloggers on-line who tell me to ease up on myself.

I have always written, and been seriously journaling for 10 good years. My journaling has gone down but my entries are much for profound in general.

I knew I was getting close and I wanted to be sure I didn’t miss it. I thought I had 5 or six more posts to go so when I published this morning and it said 300! Well my entire day and my mood shifted.

I was going to blog off of this morning about the sanctity of my study where my desk and my laptops all are besides one laptop I keep near my bed. I wrote this morning about my Mania Madness and how I needed to get at least my study organized and my desk all cleaned up before I moved on to anything else.

With the Mania Madness I went right to work on my study and started with a paper shredder than I moved on to a trash bag. It wasn’t that bad or dirty just with all the medical stuff ,tons of paperwork I don’t want and miscellaneous things I just needed to part with. My desk and coffee table are both glass and metal so the last thing I did was windexed the tops of both of them.

I spent a good hour and a half working on it and now it is done and everything else will fall into place. I haven’t made my list up yet because I was motivated to get my study back in order. All of Julia Bleu’s toys that she has dragged in here were put out in her cubby in the hallway.

Right now I am in heaven with the space again, and I am with surgery on Tuesday not going to let it fall behind again while I recover. I am terrible about opening up my mail and recently tossed out without knowing it a  new bank card with a chip in it and a refund check for $289.00. I had to make two phone calls to get both  replaced and resent so now I just don’t toss my mail out. That was a painful lesson.

I am really fucking AMPED about my blog and making it to 300 posts writing at least twice  day. The commitment is huge but I had the time and the courage to keep at it everyday. I usually have my first post published by 7 am and my second sometime in the afternoon. When I am really on the go my second post doesn’t come until the evening.

Today my daughter, Bella, has a volleyball game that I am going to with my parents at 4 pm. I know Stephanie will meet up with us later and  join us for dinner out after the game. This all means all my blogging has to be finished by 3:30 pm and I have a long piece of my ongoing anorexia story due today.

I am looking forward to the next 199 posts that get me to the magical 500 posts in the world of blogging.

I am infused today with new found enthusiasm as I have done it and I am doing it! I didn’t tell my friends about it until I had written for the first month. Those were the killer days of a template that was barren and writing; ouch that hurt my own eyes to read.

I am really going to take time tomorrow to work on my sites. I have somewhat but now I need to add “about” pages and add in my favorite blog links that I read for ideas and inspiration. There are some amazing blogs out there. I am not there yet but one  interesting thing has been my new 7 week involvement with my other blog site WordPress and their weekly photography challenge that starts on Friday afternoons. I am no way a photographer but my creativity I substitute for lack of picture taking expertise buys me a good dose of likes surprisingly every Friday. I have only missed one week since I started and I love being part of the blogging community because I am exposed to other creative endeavors I wouldn’t be otherwise.

A huge dose of thanks and gratitude to my readers. You come from all over and many countries.

I am not sure what it is but it is always true and almost always raw. I owe it to you all for making me want to write for you….I had a reader contact me because I drifted away from the anorexia story and it was important to her. I loved getting that feedback and it made me write more fluidly and consistently about my journey.

Well I hope everyone is having the BAM with the cake day like I am having……