U-ME The Time is Coming August 5, 2016

Stephanie and I enjoyed a good week at home this week after the trip to the DNC. We are truly finding our groove with on another in everyday life.

We get up at different times in the morning but on the weekend I try to go back to bed and snuggle in with her like a normal person. She more than anyone understands the mania I live with and the difficulties it can create.

Spending  so much time together in the last two years has made it much easier for us as a couple. We basically were a couple before we ever admitted there was anything going on between us intimately. We were truly in love with one another and are the very best of friends.

We just are. We just work together. We fit like a hand in a glove. It isn’t everyday or necessarily in a lifetime, that you meet a person like I did in Stephanie. Someone who loves me for me-accepts the flaws and doesn’t deny them just doesn’t care about them for her feelings are so strong and deep it doesn’t matter I talk to fast or do not sleep like a normal person.

I have never been loved before like the way Stephanie loves me. I have never loved like this before, I love Stephanie with every fiber of my being. It is beyond the mind and the body, our soul’s they are connected. It is not our choice but part of our Truth.

This week was pretty normal for us. Stephanie gets home around 6:15 pm and then we figure out dinner. Usually she has already texted me from work before she leaves, and we figure out if we are cooking or eating out. Both Stephanie I like to cook and prefer to eat homemade food when possible. This week was no different than any other except for last night when I broke my knee cap and she had to pick me up from the hospital and then we had to stop at the pharmacy. Other than that, like tonight, she will get home and she plans on cooking. With my anorexia eating for me can be tough so she understands that and tries to make light healthy meals. She is very fit and watches what she eats. I am an anorexic with a problem with relapse at the moment, so Stephanie is really trying to get me food that I might eat, like lighter fare with a health conscience flair. She likes to cook during the week for me, and while she cooks I keep her company. I usually set the table and help out with any extra prep.

We are very well matched. Stephanie is a very dotting person, and I require and like to be taken care of, so us as a couple is a great match. She does way more than I do, but she prefers it that way-she will use my help with changing bedding and doing laundry, but beyond that she really has the household under control. She is very neat and a cleanliness freak, so I will try to clean a bathroom if it is starting to look like it is going to bother Stephanie. She and I have never had bad words. It is just the way we are naturally with one another. Neither of us are fighters or yellers. We both are pretty laid back, however I have a frustration level that she doesn’t have or at least in over two years I have never seen her lose her cool.

The weekends are the best. No matter what it is we do we always have a jacked up time together! I am waiting for my stellar Stephanie to get home now for this weekend ahead.

I have picked out the diamonds and had a setting and ring designed and it is being made in platinum by a very good jeweler. I hope it is ready by late September early October for a kick ass engagement.

Then we will officially move in together. Life is very good and I feel so fortunate!

Hope you all have an AMPED weekend!