Inevitable Mania Madness Continues

It is the combination of school, the campaign, my family life, and my injuries that is inevitable for the collision that is taking place.

I awoke at the later end of the maniac’s hours and did not blog.  I needed to think things through and I need a master game plan when I don’t know the whole game.

I find myself with great hesitation about signing up for my late start computer class. That which I thought would be easily manageable is not.

There were complications with my pre-op appointment yesterday and I believe there will be some medical fall out when I see my physician next week for a routine appointment.

I am not all settled with the campaign and find myself winging it at best. I missed a two day training over this last weekend and a weekly call on Tuesday because I was at my daughter’s volleyball game.

This has me all stressed out and I need to just probably stick with my position I was doing and forget at this stage of the game switching positions.

My shine is dimmed by everything going on as I am feeling rather crummy physically and life just keeps piling up. I will map out a day by  day schedule for the next days leading to my surgery. I have to do it and breakdown all I need done and how the hell I am going to do it and then actually do what is needed today. My motivation has been in the toilet but with the surgery, my birthday, and my engagement all coming up I should be happy! At least motivated.

Today I know is part planning, and definitely working on the study. I need to get the study organized like it usually is and get through all the stuff that I have not dealt with in weeks. I just need to start up the shredder for starters and get going on the needless reams of paper I have accumulated.

Today should be a fairly good day if I can bounce out of this groove of feeling overwhelmed. Feeling overwhelmed just paralyzes me and I need to break through it.

I am disappointed I can’t manage taking one class this fall I think today I really need to think on it. I will take a full load for the next semester but not taking at least one is hard and makes me feel like I am slipping in the edge department. I could go to campus tomorrow and register and then just push myself to get through it. Problem is I just can’t get through it I need to get a 4.0 gpa to maintain my 4.0 gpa. If it was just taking the class for a C or something I would not hesitate.

So this morning I plan out everything in detail, and break it up according to everything that needs to get done during business hours during the weekdays and then the other stuff I can do on the weekends. Stephanie will help out a lot with the house stuff I just need it to get done before next Tuesday.

I am restless with indecision, and need to make the most of it this morning where I have allotted the time to deal with it all.

Hopefully by this afternoon the study will be in order and so will I! My daughter has another volleyball game today so I will be leaving around 4 pm for that which starts at 5 pm.

Tonight Stephanie and I will break down the house and figure out exactly when things are getting done and by whom. I have kept up on the laundry and washed the bedding so that is not an issue.

Today it is managing the Mania Madness I am experiencing which is distracting and makes it all the more difficult to make a schedule of plans and stick to it. Just even sitting and blogging and then working on my list is seems daunting to me as it is with this Mania Madness. I would much rather go out with a friend today and not deal but it isn’t an option.

I am going to get my list done and work on my desk and study to at least have this space organized. I am due to post  an anorexia post today so I will get to that as well.

Hoping everyone has a great day, and isn’t bogged down in the mud like me. By this afternoon it won’t be pretty but I should have the study done which is priority number one in the non-people/animal category.