What is Your Why?

I have been thinking about for sometime what is my why? Why am who I am, why do I things that I do and say, and the biggest why is why do I support causes and institutions of belief. I think many of us don’t have a lot of time to ask why? When we do, it is often in response to something outrageous or politically unsavory, or more against our own beliefs.

But how do we get our own beliefs as adults? We haven’t our parents or anyone else to take the blame. We are on our own as we make our way through this world. I know what I think of when I ask what is your why? Since I don’t work, and never would hold a regular job of any sort, why besides money do you do what you do for a profession each day? I wonder as I see people spending so much time at their jobs, away from their families, and not doing activities I think they would want to do.

Another one for me is children. I wonder why so many people who really don’t want to be full time parents, bring children into this world? So they can  go right back to work, and pay mere strangers to raise their children. There’s absolutely no judgments, I just see people whose lifestyles are not all that equipped for children. I believe having children is not for everyone by any means. I commend the professionals who admit that their professional lives are more important or too important to have a family.

Why is so basic, but quickly gets very complicated. We need more why in this world. Especially with the forbidden politics discussions. Why can get you all twisted and then give it a moment to simmer inside you, and then answer your truth. If you don’t have a why, you are missing an important part of being a person with a world filled with choices.  Give why a whirl and see what comes out of you. You might be surprised and it might take some time to figure it out. Do yourself the favor of why. It is a interesting part of who we all are. No two whys are alike.